Introducing Suzy: The Future of Consumer Insights

In the fast-paced world of consumer-driven markets, understanding the ever-evolving needs, desires, and behaviors of consumers is paramount. Enter Suzy, the groundbreaking end-to-end consumer insights platform that has set new standards and won a World Future Awards in 2023 in the software category for Best Consumer Insights Platform.

Suzy was born from the vision of Founder and CEO Matt Britton, who, after years in the ad industry, recognized the dire need for data-driven decisions in business at a rapid pace. Suzy was crafted to place consumer insights at the heart of every business decision, marking the shift towards consumer-centricity as the defining factor for tomorrow’s leading brands.

Unprecedented Integration for Unmatched Solutions

Suzy is not just another market research tool; it’s a game-changer. The platform seamlessly integrates quantitative and qualitative research capabilities with a high-quality audience of over 1 million people. What sets Suzy apart is its revolutionary connected research cloud that unifies disparate solutions into one, catering to diverse enterprise teams across various organizations.

 And since Suzy owns its panel the cost efficiency and speed to retarget screened and verified users is unprecedented.

Unrivaled Innovation Defining the Future Landscape

In just five years, Suzy has soared to market dominance, boasting over 400 enterprise customers across 22 verticals. This success is no happenstance but a result of constant innovation and the launch of cutting-edge products like TURF, Data Explorer, Public Link, and Showreels. The platform has also introduced AI-integrated solutions, to drive efficiencies for its users.

Core Values Driving Innovation

Suzy’s core values are the guiding principles behind its innovative approach:

People Come First: At its core, Suzy believes that without people, we have nothing.

Better Together: The sum is greater than its individual parts

Assume Nothing: Validate everything and make informed decisions.

Take Initiative: Suzy encourages proactive approaches for impactful changes.

Move at the Speed of Culture: The world moves fast, but today’s brands must move faster.

Create Value, Build Trust: Good things come to those who create value in the world.

Discover the Power of Suzy’s Research Cloud

The Suzy Research Cloud is a comprehensive solution designed to empower enterprise brands. It integrates quantitative and qualitative research with high-quality audiences, enabling teams across various functions:

Insights: Gauge demographics, attitudes, and behaviors for a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

Innovation: Develop products that resonate with target consumers and drive business growth.

Creative: Craft campaigns that elevate brand awareness and drive demand effectively.

Shopper: Gain insights into e-commerce strategies, omnichannel approaches, and impactful brand distribution.

Unparalleled Features Redefining Research

Suzy’s suite of tools ensures robust and iterative research conducted efficiently and at scale. With a proprietary audience of 1 million+ diverse consumers, industry-leading privacy protocols, and fraud prevention measures, Suzy prioritizes data quality and security without compromising speed or agility. In addition, Suzy’s suite of new and groundbreaking AI-powered solutions are poised to revolutionize the world of market research in ways previously unimaginable.

Market Disruption and Unmatched Capabilities

Suzy is leading the charge against industry giants. By combining DIY functionalities with a team of seasoned experts from its Center of Excellence, Suzy has become the go-to solution for major brands, particularly during periods of industry consolidation.

Transparent Pricing and Unmatched Support

The subscription-based pricing model eliminates the need for multiple tools and costly per-response fees. Suzy’s team of skilled researchers, led by industry veterans, ensures top-tier agency rigor and support for every client.

In a world where consumers reign supreme, Suzy empowers the enterprise to listen, understand, and act upon the voice of the people, transforming industries and fostering meaningful connections between businesses and their customers. The future is consumer-centric, and Suzy is leading the way.

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Suzy Receives World Future Award for Market Research Innovation

Suzy, a leading end-to-end consumer insights platform, is a World Future Awards winner in the Software category for groundbreaking achievements in redefining market research. Winning the title of Best Consumer Insights Platform, 2023, Suzy showcases its innovation, transformative capabilities, and remarkable impact within the industry.

Suzy stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how enterprises harness consumer insights to drive unprecedented growth. By granting teams unconstrained access to consumers, Suzy’s platform seamlessly integrates quantitative and qualitative data, along with a vast, high-quality audience, culminating in a singular, connected research cloud.

In an increasingly fragmented market research landscape, Suzy consolidates services, technology platforms, and panel solutions into a unified, connected research cloud so the modern enterprise can do more with less. With quantitative and qualitative capabilities, bolstered by a proprietary audience exceeding 1 million, Suzy empowers organizations with research science of the highest caliber. Its team of seasoned industry executives ensures rigorous standards, offering both DIY accessibility and full-service support.

In just five years, Suzy has burgeoned into a pioneering force, boasting over 400 enterprise customers spanning 22 diverse verticals. The platform propels customer value, impact, and ROI through its robust research capabilities while continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. Recent product launches like TURF, Data Explorer, and Showreels, and a suite of groundbreaking AI-powered solutions, poised to revolutionize the world of market research in ways previously unimaginable,  epitomize Suzy’s commitment to evolving its offerings.

Suzy’s trajectory of success not only challenges existing tech platforms but also poses a formidable threat to established research agencies. With a unique blend of DIY functionalities and an expert Center of Excellence team, comprised of industry veterans, Suzy is the preferred choice for major brands, especially during industry consolidation phases.

“We’re honored to receive a World Future Award for our platform,” said Founder and CEO Matt Britton. “We invite enterprise brands to discover what we call ‘The Suzy Difference’ and discover how our platform can help you truly understand consumers and gain a true competitive advantage.”

With a robust roadmap under execution, Suzy continues to spearhead innovation and define the future landscape of market research. This relentless pursuit of advancement cements Suzy’s position as the go-to solution for enterprises striving for unrivaled consumer insights and market dominance.

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Atrium Recognized as a Top 100 Next Generation Company by World Future Awards 2023

Atrium, a visionary enterprise based in Bozeman, Montana, has deservedly been selected as one of World Future Awards’ Top 100 Next Generation Companies for 2023. Founded in 2018, Atrium has rapidly emerged as a leader in the realm of analytics and machine learning, guiding enterprise companies through a data-driven world with precision and innovation.

The foundation of Atrium is rooted in over 20 years of collective expertise, seamlessly blending the realms of mathematics, programming, consulting, and industry-specific knowledge. This fusion has resulted in a team of the best and brightest minds dedicated to creating intellectually captivating work that not only drives impactful outcomes for customers but also fosters exponential career growth for the Atrium team.

Atrium’s profound understanding of data and its untapped potential positions the company as a trailblazer in the industry. The company’s solutions empower clients to harness the power of their data, providing transformative insights through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Atrium’s approach is holistic – advising, implementing, and elevating the right technology solutions to ensure businesses derive the utmost value from their investments and propel growth.

Since its inception, Atrium has championed the cause of utilizing AI and machine learning for the greater good. This commitment is not just a philosophy but a core practice ingrained in Atrium’s operations. The company actively gives back to the community through ‘Cultivate,’ a program dedicated to donating time and expertise to nonprofit customers and charitable organizations. This initiative reflects Atrium’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond business objectives.

At the helm of Atrium is a team of seasoned professionals with decades of industry and Salesforce experience. These leaders are uniquely committed to customer engagement, data science, strategy consulting, and various business areas and technologies. Their collective expertise ensures Atrium remains at the forefront of innovation, offering top solutions to clients worldwide.

Atrium aspires to continue its journey of driving positive change through cutting-edge technology and transformative solutions.

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The Future Beckons: A Sneak Peek into the Award-Worthy AI Trends Transforming Industries in 2024


In the fast-paced realm of artificial intelligence, each year brings forth new and exciting trends that redefine the landscape. As we stand on the brink of 2024, the anticipation is palpable, and the spotlight is on the groundbreaking AI trends poised to transform industries. Join us for a sneak peek into the future as we unveil the award-worthy AI trends that are set to leave an indelible mark in 2024.

Autonomous Everything: The Rise of AI in Transportation

Buckle up for a ride into the future, where autonomy is not just a concept but a reality reshaping transportation. In 2024, AI is steering us toward an era of self-driving vehicles, not just on roads but across various modes of transportation. From autonomous cars to drone deliveries, World Future Awards are likely to recognize innovations that make transportation safer, efficient, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

AI-Powered Healthcare Revolution

The convergence of AI and healthcare is not new, but 2024 promises a revolution. Imagine a healthcare system where AI is not just assisting but leading the charge in diagnostics, drug discovery, and personalized treatment plans. World Future Awards are expected to honor advancements that harness the power of AI to enhance patient care, optimize medical processes, and bring about groundbreaking discoveries in the quest for better health.

Personalized Experiences with AI

2024 heralds a new era where AI is set to revolutionize how we experience the world. From personalized shopping recommendations to tailored content streaming, AI algorithms will understand our preferences, habits, and desires like never before. World Future Awards are likely to acknowledge innovations that elevate user experiences, making interactions with technology more intuitive, enjoyable, and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

Cybersecurity Fortified by AI

As technology advances, so do the threats, making cybersecurity an ever-pressing concern. In 2024, AI is stepping up as the guardian of digital realms, fortifying defenses and predicting cyber threats before they occur. World Future Awards are expected to commend initiatives that leverage AI to enhance cybersecurity, ensuring a safer digital landscape for businesses and individuals alike.

Sustainable Solutions with AI

The future is green, and AI is playing a pivotal role in creating sustainable solutions across industries. From optimizing energy consumption to reducing waste in manufacturing processes, World Future Awards are likely to highlight AI innovations that contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, these solutions demonstrate the transformative power of AI in fostering positive change.


In conclusion, the future beckons with the promise of AI trends that will reshape industries and redefine the way we live, work, and interact. World Future Awards stand as a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation, acknowledging and celebrating the visionaries shaping the future. As we eagerly await the unveiling of the award-worthy AI trends in 2024, one thing is certain – the future is bright, and AI is at the forefront, leading us into a new era of possibilities and progress. The stage is set, the excitement is building, and the transformative power of AI is ready to take center stage in the grand narrative of 2024.

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Transforming Women’s Health: EndoCure’s AI-Powered Ultrasound System Garners World Future Awards Accolade

EndoCure, a pioneering Israeli company dedicated to transforming endometriosis diagnostics, has been honored as one of the Top 100 Next Generation Companies by the renowned World Future Awards for 2023. This recognition underscores EndoCure’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through its innovative approach to diagnosing and managing endometriosis.

Endometriosis, a chronic condition affecting approximately 10% of women in their reproductive years globally, poses a significant challenge in terms of accurate and timely diagnosis. With the lack of precise diagnostic tools, the average diagnosis period spans 7-11 years, allowing the condition to progress into severe, debilitating stages. The impact of endometriosis extends beyond physical symptoms, encompassing pronounced pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and infertility, drastically reducing the overall quality of life for affected individuals.

EndoCure is addressing this critical gap in endometriosis diagnostics with its groundbreaking robotic AI-powered ultrasound system. Traditional imaging modalities often fall short in detecting a significant proportion of endometriosis lesions, and existing disease management approaches lack insight into the location, size, and developmental stage of these lesions.

The EndoCure system introduces an innovative solution designed for comprehensive detection, mapping, and staging of endometriosis lesions. By combining robotic artificial intelligence (AI) with ultrasound imaging and proprietary targeted contrast agents, EndoCure’s approach represents a transformative leap forward in the field.

The cutting-edge methodology involves the integration of a robotic scanning system with the standard transducer of an ultrasound device, creating a seamless fusion of advanced technologies. The acquired data is then processed into DICOM volumetric data (3D) using EndoCure’s dedicated software. Employing AI algorithms, the software efficiently identifies and characterizes highlighted lesions, significantly enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis and providing valuable insights for surgical planning.

EndoCure is committed to its mission to improve diagnostic precision, reduce the time to diagnosis, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of care for those living with endometriosis. They continue to push boundaries and develop solutions that address unmet needs in women’s health.

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Revolutionary Snail Vibe Gizi Vibrator: A Leap Forward in Pleasure Technology

Snail Vibe, the inventive company at the forefront of sexual wellness innovation, proudly announces their prestigious Snail Vibe Gizi win at the 2023 World Future Awards in the Health and Medical Care category for Best Sex Device. This esteemed accolade underscores Snail Vibe’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining pleasure through cutting-edge technology.

Rooted in extensive research and collaboration with sexologists and influencers, Snail Vibe has emerged as a global leader in the realm of intimate well-being. The company’s products are meticulously crafted based on sexological approaches, ensuring a fusion of science and sensuality that sets them apart. Originally launched in the Netherlands, Snail Vibe quickly evolved into a global brand.

Recognizing the diverse needs of pleasure-seekers, Snail Vibe addresses a crucial aspect of sexual satisfaction—clitoral stimulation. Approximately 75% of vulva owners require external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and Snail Vibe has risen to the occasion with their groundbreaking creations: the Snail Vibe Curve and Snail Vibe Gizi vibrators.

The brand-new revolutionary Snail Vibe Gizi goes beyond the ordinary. Its unique shape suits the anatomical features of any woman’s body helping to find the optimal insertion depth for ultimate pleasure. Snail Vibe Gizi design offers a compact size with the insertion of a full-size vibrator allowing not only reaching the G-spot which is placed 4-6 cm from the entrance but stimulating the A-spot as well on the peak of the arousal due to deeper penetration ensured by Slide’n’Roll Technique.

The vibrator has an ergonomically curved flexible shape of the shaft allowing you to get to your G-spot easier than ever before and a textured Spiral Head for clitoral stimulation for even more pleasure.

The innovative Slide’n’Roll Technique guarantees constant clitoral contact while you are finding your ideal depth of penetration for fantastic G-spot pleasure. The dual power of 2 motors delivers deep and intense vibrations.

The brand’s name is a nod to the Snail’s unique motion, inspired by the Slide’n’Roll Technology implemented in their devices. Contrary to the snail’s pace, Snail Vibe vibrators are nothing short of rapid in delivering pleasure. With two powerful motors, these devices have the capacity to induce orgasm within seconds of use.

„We would like to extend a huge thank you to the World Future Awards team for selecting our company for this award. We believe that our products really make a difference and we can’t wait to meet more happy Snail Vibe clients!”, says Snail Vibe Gizi’s spokesperson.

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