Transforming Women’s Health: EndoCure’s AI-Powered Ultrasound System Garners World Future Awards Accolade

EndoCure, a pioneering Israeli company dedicated to transforming endometriosis diagnostics, has been honored as one of the Top 100 Next Generation Companies by the renowned World Future Awards for 2023. This recognition underscores EndoCure’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through its innovative approach to diagnosing and managing endometriosis.

Endometriosis, a chronic condition affecting approximately 10% of women in their reproductive years globally, poses a significant challenge in terms of accurate and timely diagnosis. With the lack of precise diagnostic tools, the average diagnosis period spans 7-11 years, allowing the condition to progress into severe, debilitating stages. The impact of endometriosis extends beyond physical symptoms, encompassing pronounced pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and infertility, drastically reducing the overall quality of life for affected individuals.

EndoCure is addressing this critical gap in endometriosis diagnostics with its groundbreaking robotic AI-powered ultrasound system. Traditional imaging modalities often fall short in detecting a significant proportion of endometriosis lesions, and existing disease management approaches lack insight into the location, size, and developmental stage of these lesions.

The EndoCure system introduces an innovative solution designed for comprehensive detection, mapping, and staging of endometriosis lesions. By combining robotic artificial intelligence (AI) with ultrasound imaging and proprietary targeted contrast agents, EndoCure’s approach represents a transformative leap forward in the field.

The cutting-edge methodology involves the integration of a robotic scanning system with the standard transducer of an ultrasound device, creating a seamless fusion of advanced technologies. The acquired data is then processed into DICOM volumetric data (3D) using EndoCure’s dedicated software. Employing AI algorithms, the software efficiently identifies and characterizes highlighted lesions, significantly enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis and providing valuable insights for surgical planning.

EndoCure is committed to its mission to improve diagnostic precision, reduce the time to diagnosis, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of care for those living with endometriosis. They continue to push boundaries and develop solutions that address unmet needs in women’s health.

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