The WFA selection board forms a shortlist of nominees from which the final winners are then selected. Winners receive a customized advertising and promotional campaign, as well as a set of winners according to the Promo Package selected. Winners are automatically invited to participate in the nomination for the next year.

The awards process consists of four main steps


Winner selection

Winners Announcement

Winner Promotion

Nominations can be made by the World Future Awards selection board on an annual basis or can be requested directly by the company via the «Apply Now» form. The World Future Awards team scrutinizes the innovation industry, identifying outstanding products and services that have the potential to benefit and positively impact society in the future.

Once nominations have been accepted The World Future Awards research team meticulously evaluates all the information received about the nominees. The research is based both on information received from nominees and publicly available information from public sources, including press, social media, market research reports, expert commentary, online databases, and market data.

World Future Awards winners are announced on the WFA website, as well as on WFA social media and our media partner resources. All promotions and announcements are done online. The World Future Awards team has decided not to hold any offline awards ceremonies or gala concerts.

Individually tailored advertising and promotion campaigns in accordance with the selected Promotion Package. Team of PR experts helps with preparation of marketing materials, publication of press releases and reviews of the winners’ products and services on WFA platforms and in leading specialist media.


World Future Awards research professionals select the best innovative companies in an online desk market research by using publicly available data to ensure maximum transparency and credibility. We use factual information, referrals, recommendations and all materials available in the public domain. Research teams of World Future Awards use industry specific criteria to identify the best innovative companies in a range of categories.

Online Databases and Market Data
Company Data
The Press
Industry Experts
Trade Associations
Blogs, Forums, Comments
Social Platforms
Market Research Reports


Each of our winners is determined by conducting thorough category and region-based research via the following selection criteria:


WFA assess the ability of a product or service to bring a sense of pleasure or satisfaction along with practical benefits.


Innovations that, in addition to solving existing problems, lead to new fields and markets, receive the highest recognition at the World Future Awards. Of particular interest for the award is the study of innovation in all its aspects and at all stages from the conception of an idea to its final implementation.


In the process of determining the value of a product or service, WFA looks for evidence of its uniqueness and advantages over alternatives, as well as evaluating its economic profitability.


The product or service must be no more than five years old, but it must have existed long enough to prove it meets the evaluation criteria.


WFA is looking for the best examples of communicating the idea of innovation, engaging consumers, bringing the innovation to market, and validating its value proposition.


A product or service must improve the quality of life of people and society as a whole and have the potential to improve the quality of life in the long run.


The impact of a product or service on the environment and society, as well as its potential to create a more comprehensive concept and generate new ideas and products, plays a particularly important role in the winners` selection process.


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