The World Future Awards selects and recognizes winners in a wide range of categories that encompass various aspects of contemporary life and have the potential to positively impact society in the future. Reflecting the evolving world of technology and innovation, the list of categories below is subject to change, and some categories may be divided into subcategories.

3D Printing

The World Future Awards celebrate groundbreaking examples of innovative solutions and applications of 3D printing technology for everyday users, as well as for commercial and industrial applications. The winners are the nominees who offer the most efficient and productive technologies for the additive building a world of future.


Quality advertising goes hand in hand with innovation, using cutting-edge marketing and technology solutions to attract and engage audiences. Category winners are companies that have proposed new and effective approaches to promoting products in today’s changing world.


The human desire to explore the universe is inexhaustible, and the development of new tools for space exploration is one of the most advanced fields of technological and engineering thought. WFA celebrates innovations that bring us closer to new victories in unlocking the mysteries of space through aeronautics and astronautics.

Agriculture & Food supply

Food security is already one of the most important issues for humanity today. The introduction of innovative solutions based on information technology and data makes it possible to find ways to significantly increase the gifts of nature, fully cover consumer demand, and move closer to the goal of global eradication of hunger.


No matter how powerful your computer or mobile device is, its capabilities can always be enhanced by functional and useful apps. This category contains the best apps that increase our productivity, bring pleasure, and help us in our personal and social life.


The World Future Awards recognize architects, engineers, and designers who successfully use and implement progressive technologies and innovative practices to create holistic architectural projects.

Artificial Intelligence

Products that use the ability of machines to simulate human intelligence to perform a certain action and decision-making algorithms. Artificial intelligence empowers humanity and expands its freedoms.

Artificial Marketing Software

Artificial Intelligence-based marketing technologies are already shaping the future of many aspects of business development. This category of the World Future Awards recognizes innovative software solutions that marketers can use to take their effectiveness to the next level. Winners are recognized for cutting-edge advances in targeted advertising optimization, automation, data science, personalized customer interaction, predictive analytics, and many other facets vital to cutting-edge marketing performance.


Automotive innovation has always gone hand in hand with the overall development of technology and science. WFA celebrates advanced automotive solutions that bring the world of more comfortable and safer driving closer.


The art of attracting customers, creating progressive marketing strategies, and effective sales in a volatile marketplace are what help organizations continue to grow in any situation. The World Future Awards recognize out-of-the-box thinking, innovative approaches, cutting-edge tools and strategies employed by leaders who are leading the industry into tomorrow.

B2B Software

Extensive opportunities for effective and efficient business, available to modern businesses, it is largely the merit of an innovative approach implemented through B2B software. Advanced accounting systems, ERP, online marketing tools, and other products for selling, promoting, and interacting with customers are the foundation of successful business and get a worthy appreciation from industry experts.


The beauty industry is bringing new products and beauty care products to customers every day. The innovation, creativity, and passion inherent in the industry’s best representatives receive the highest recognition from buyers and experts.


The biological sciences, going hand in hand with high technology, stimulate the active development of various sectors of the economy, providing the tools to address global challenges. Companies that deliver cutting-edge biotech solutions receive high recognition from industry experts and general audiences internationally.


The transformative potential of blockchain technology is obvious to everyone, and the World Future Awards board aims to recognize industry leaders who continue its development and empowerment. The benefits of winning can be enjoyed by innovators and service providers who move the industry forward, positively impacting the development of other industries.

Chemicals and Materials

The pioneering research and ideas that underlie modern materials science have already brought technology to a new level and continue to drive science and production forward. The World Future Awards meticulously selects the most important projects and discoveries in the field of chemicals and materials and recognizes as winners those nominees who have achieved results that can be effectively applied in practice.


Environmentally friendly technology is one of the keys to a healthy future for all mankind. Companies that use clean technology strive to increase their productivity and performance while minimizing their negative impact on the environment. WFA celebrates those brands that excel in this field.

Cloud Technology

The category aims to recognize achievements and innovations in cloud solutions. The list of nominees includes the companies that are most successful in applying cloud computing to deliver new and impactful services to the market.

Consumer Electronics

WFA celebrates outstanding innovation in the consumer electronics industry. This category evaluates devices that make our lives easier and more comfortable each and every day.

Consumer Software

As we live every day surrounded by gadgets and use convenient and functional applications, we get used to how much easier it is to access products and services through them. In this category, WFA selects the best of consumer software that makes our lives more comfortable and productive.


With the rapid evolution of media technology, the role of quality content that can engage and provide new experiences for audiences is growing rapidly. WFA selects and recognizes innovative content creators who develop and use new ways to engage and provide interactive spaces with viewers, listeners, and readers.


Just as there are no limits to perfection, there are no limits in cosmetology in the pursuit of creating products and services to ensure beauty and health. By combining the latest technology and natural ingredients, companies develop cutting-edge solutions that allow people to live happier, more fulfilling lives.


Amid the growing influence of the blockchain community in the world, the World Future Awards recognizes and honors outstanding cryptocurrency professionals from different parts of the world. The nominees will include innovative crypto projects, data mining tools, cryptocurrency exchanges, application developers, service providers, companies, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Millions of people around the world are looking for the most reliable and convenient tools for managing their digital assets. More and more platforms for cryptocurrency trading exchanges are emerging, and it is very important to choose in favor of market representatives who will ensure the safety of each transaction with advanced online solutions.

Cyber Security

As the role of digitalization in everyday life increases, so does the role of cybersecurity as the primary means of protecting against threats in today's interconnected world. With innovative solutions from cybersecurity industry leaders, evolving threat intelligence platforms, and improved encryption technologies, we can still maintain data privacy and protect digital infrastructure at any scale.

Data Analytics

The scope of application of data analytics is extremely broad, and it is no exaggeration to say that any business without thorough research and data analysis would be ineffective. Data analytics is an innovative phenomenon in and of itself, enabling the implementation of new innovative solutions and approaches, and therein lies its importance for all areas of business today.


Creative innovations from the world’s best designers for different areas of life. A celebration of progress and imagination, embodied in aesthetic and functional solutions that will define design trends in the near future.

Developer Tools

Software development is a complex process in which every detail plays a big role. And the more functional and user-friendly the programs in which developers work, the higher quality product they will be able to create. Innovative Developer Tools are programs that provide an environment for creating, testing and debugging software, and in this category you will find only the best of them.


The scope of drones in the life of modern society is extremely vast. The World Future Awards identify, recognize, and promote drone manufacturers and innovative uses of unmanned aerial vehicles that are pushing boundaries and transforming industries, changing human performance for the better.


The category celebrates the achievements of outstanding e-commerce leaders who are developing and implementing cutting-edge approaches in e-commerce. Winning laurels go to companies and products that raise the bar with their outstanding innovation and creativity.


A prosperous future is largely built on quality education. Going beyond traditional models, EdTech companies and products offer new technologies and innovative approaches to help transform education to meet the changing demands of the times and the need for continuous learning.

Electric Transportation

Electric transport is one of the industry sectors in which innovation and the pursuit of sustainable mobility are most prominent and in demand. Electric cars, buses, scooters, and zero-emission bicycles are reshaping not only the future of transportation but also the way people think about and relate to the environment. The winners in this category are forward-thinking industry pioneers who are making the transportation of the future cleaner, quieter, and more efficient.


Today’s world poses significant challenges to humanity, and the search for new energy solutions is one of the most difficult among them. In the search for ways to meet the energy needs of the society of the future, WFA honors enthusiasts who research and implement efficient and sustainable energy sources.

Enterprise Software

High technology has become an indispensable satellite of modern business, and specialized enterprise software largely determines the quality and success of most businesses. In this category, WFA experts recognize the most innovative and functional products in the field of software for corporate needs.


The World Future Awards recognize and reward excellence in the entertainment technology industry. The award shortlists include next-generation products and services that deliver new entertainment experiences and consumer innovation.


The World Future Awards panel seeks to identify and recognize innovations and outstanding performances in the field of electronic sports. The contributions and achievements of the best equipment vendors, the best players, teams, events, and media are honored and appreciated.


Fashion has always walked shoulder to shoulder with innovation and technology, so it’s only natural that its role for the future can hardly be overestimated. Welcoming the convergence of creative and functional approaches, the World Future Awards recognize forward-thinking companies and cutting-edge solutions that make the fashion industry more sustainable and relevant to evolving aesthetic, social, and economic conditions.


When high technology takes over the care of women’s health, one of the most important sectors of technology companies is femtech. Using cutting-edge advances in medicine and biology, femtech companies offer innovative products to ensure women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Finance and Accounting

The field of accounting and finance has received a significant boost under the influence of new technology, and every day its movement toward innovation is only increasing. In this category, we recognize companies that are making significant contributions to blockchain, data analytics, digital assets, and other areas related to finance.

Financial services

If a company has high business goals, it needs a well-thought-out digital strategy and an integrated approach to financial decision-making. The winners in this category provide innovative financial services that leverage cutting-edge technology to solve business problems and drive comprehensive development in the smartest ways possible.


The World Future Awards honors financial technology leaders who are transforming the industry and shaping the financial industry of the future. The winners are fintech startups, banks implementing innovative technologies, as well as IT companies developing advanced applications and software for the financial sector.


If you want to get the most out of your fitness routine, high-tech solutions provide everything you need to reach your goals. Innovative equipment, smart gadgets for body monitoring, and software with a huge range of options for individual exercise – these are just some of the things that fitness companies offer.


In the light of the rise of the food industry these days, the diversity of offerings in the marketplace has increased. The World Future Awards carefully select and evaluate the best of the best companies that deliver innovative solutions, technologies, and business models to the food technology industry.

Future of Work

Prospects for remote working and the use of the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, in the job market are just some of the issues that companies that become WFA winners in this category are dealing with.


Today’s game industry goes far beyond mere entertainment. The World Future Awards aim to recognize the best games and game developers that deliver improved experiences, innovative content, educational value, and integration with other fields.


The award aims to recognize the work of scientists and passionate enthusiasts in the field of genomics. This is valuable and promising research that helps to understand human biology and improve health for all mankind.

Green and Alternative Energy

The World Future Awards recognize the achievements of nominees who are bringing a world in which clean energy is an accepted standard. These are organizations whose best practices make them well-deserved leaders in the green energy market.


The global economy today is unthinkable without advanced developments in hardware. Almost all areas of modern life are inextricably linked to how powerful the chips are in computers, the computing power of spacecraft, or the characteristics of the smartwatch on your wrist. We welcome the best hardware that brings us closer to a better future.

Health & Wellness

The award recognizes true innovators in the field of health and wellness who are driving the industry forward. The WFA board celebrates leaders in one of the most creative, thriving, and sought-after markets in the world.

Health and Medical Care

Innovation in medical care is an essential attribute for a healthy society in the future. The World Future Awards team selects and promotes outstanding programs, technologies, and strategies that successfully leverage the latest science and technology to ensure quality medical care and further industry development.


Outstanding innovative products and services that help transform and improve the medical industry. The WFA expert panel looks at the most promising healthcare solutions with the potential to revolutionize the sector.


The insurance industry has already been able to fully appreciate the potential of innovative technologies, and today more and more companies are using blockchain, chatbots, automation of reports and risks, and other advantages of high-tech. In this category you will find the best insurtech products that have demonstrated their effectiveness in numerous cases.

Internet of Things

We live in an age of revolutions in the technology industry, and the Internet of Things has already gained a strong foothold in today’s technology industry. The World Future Awards recognize digital transformation leaders who are bringing more connectivity into our lives.


The development of the investment sphere goes hand in hand with innovation, which is constantly expanding the growth prospects of the finance sphere. Developing effective investment strategies involves the use of big data, sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence, and other innovative solutions. Winning this category signifies success in researching and implementing innovative practices in the invest-tech industry.


The development and implementation of innovative teaching methods has always been one of the priorities of societies striving for higher levels of development. By creating effective ways of learning for children and adults, laureates of this category ensure successful and happy lives filled with development and discovery.


Technology and industry have created an ecosystem in which the legal field is also adapting to the new environment. Innovative approaches and solutions enable industry leaders not just to maintain their positions, but to reach new heights and be trendsetters in the legal profession.


Ever since mankind learned to create machines that took on the toughest jobs, the industry has reached a whole new level. Today we select and honor those enthusiasts who continue the process of improving machines that benefit society every day.

Machine Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the main boosters of humanity's technological capabilities. In this category, WFA recognizes outstanding breakthroughs and innovations in autonomous systems, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. The category highlights groundbreaking research and practical implementations that advance the development of intelligent machines. Winners in this category are contributing to the further development of the intelligent machine industry through pioneering research and practical implementations.


Every manufacturer who strives to increase the efficiency and profitability of his enterprise is in constant search of new approaches and technologies. Innovations in production lead to economic development, and companies that provide such development become winners in this category.


Marketplaces themselves have been a revolution in e-commerce. But every year they offer new marketing and technological solutions, which give a new impetus to the whole market. Among the WFA winners you will find the most interesting and innovative marketplaces that have shown new possibilities for online commerce.


It is difficult to overestimate the role of the media in shaping the society of the future and providing global communication. That’s why the World Future Awards scrutinize the industry and select the most influential, creative, and innovative companies and solutions that are beneficial to the development of media and other spheres of life in society.


Not so long ago, mobile devices revolutionized the way we think about technology, allowing us to put unprecedented computing power in an ordinary pocket. But this industry is still actively developing, and the WFA winners are shining examples of innovation in this sector.


The non-fungible token (NFT) is one of the brightest symbols of creativity and innovation in recent times. The World Future Awards aims to recognize, inspire, support, and promote the most promising and forward-thinking NFT creators and their projects.

Oil & Gas

All aspects of oil and gas production and refining are closely linked to the level of technological development. Innovations make it possible to increase the efficiency of refining cycles and to establish sustainable production of high-quality fuels and lubricants with minimal environmental impact.


The times when payments were impossible without physical contact and the use of paper bills are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Contactless payment, sending and receiving money regardless of location, and simplifying credit are just some of the innovations that high technology has brought. The development continues, and on the list of WFA winners you will find those who continue to make this revolution happen.


The health and well-being of the society of the future depend largely on the successes and innovations in pharmaceuticals. The World Future Awards recognize the contribution of pharmaceutical companies in developing technologies and services that work for the benefit of humanity, continually improve their designs, and contribute to sustainable production.

Professional Services

The scope of professional services encompasses firms of all kinds. But what they have in common is that their services lose value if they do not scale and evolve with technology. The WFA research team selects the best firms in the field that are innovating to provide cutting-edge services of the highest quality to their clients.


Startups that use digitalization, artificial intelligence, and big data to redefine the housing market are driving the industry forward. Proptech is making the real estate sector more and more technological and innovative, and companies that implement cutting-edge approaches to construction projects are being recognized by experts and grateful customers.

Recruiting and Talent

In an era of explosive technology and social change, finding and hiring talent has become a particularly pressing issue. Innovative strategies and data-driven solutions help lead companies to success by ensuring quality recruitment on mutually beneficial terms.

Retail & Retail Solution

The World Future Awards recognize retail companies that are driving positive change throughout the industry. Their innovative approaches help raise the bar and provide an improved experience for all marketers.

Robotics & Machine Intelligence

The World Future Awards is a robust platform for recognizing the best products, services, companies, and individuals who are driving innovation in robotics and machine intelligence. By carefully analyzing each nominee’s perspectives and achievements and their impact on the industry as a whole, WFA experts select the winners worthy of being named the best of the best.


It is no exaggeration to say that the advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has revolutionized information technology. But SaaS continues to evolve, new services and business models are being introduced, and industry leaders are receiving the highest recognition for their contributions.

Sales & Marketing

The art of sales has never stopped evolving and changing, but the era of high technology has brought it to an unprecedented level. Mass communication, digital marketing, big data, and more have become symbols of innovation in this field. The evolution of the sales industry is in full swing, and WFA celebrates those at the forefront of these changes.


The World Future Awards provide an opportunity for security leaders to have their achievements and innovations recognized globally. Companies that have developed and implemented innovative and effective products, services, or other solutions that have achieved outstanding results and demonstrated superiority over the competition are eligible to win in this category.

Sexual Wellness

Innovation is beneficial to all aspects of human life, and intimacy is no exception. Advanced technological developments, personalized sexual health devices, and digital education platforms are helping the modern man to live a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling life. The innovative approach offered by industry leaders is helping to break taboos and apply the best options to explore one's desires and improve sexual health.

Smart Cities

The purpose of the World Future Awards is to recognize companies, projects, and strategies aimed at improving the quality of life in cities, creating more comfortable and safer infrastructure, the use of high technology for the benefit of people. Each winner offers innovative solutions for improved urban development with a focus on sustainability, resource optimization, and economic viability.

Smart Home

The amazing innovations that permeate our everyday lives deserve the highest recognition. That’s why the World Future Awards panel carefully selects and recognizes the most advanced smart home solutions in terms of functionality, engineering excellence, design, attractiveness, and providing an enhanced user experience.

Social Media

Social media was originally synonymous with innovation, but the field continues to evolve, giving rise to new trends and approaches. The list of winners in this category includes those industry players who are successfully rethinking familiar things and opening up new opportunities for building communication.


The capabilities and functionality of today’s software products are so vast that one might wonder if they have any limitations. This category presents the best software solutions that bring the most positive experience to users.


Humanity’s boundless pursuit of knowledge and the discovery of new horizons are most evident in the space industry. The excellence and innovation demonstrated by the award-winning companies, people, and programs in this category help people learn more about the world around them and their own capabilities, which deserves the highest recognition from sector experts.


The sports industry goes hand in hand with advanced technology, and its positive impact is obvious to anyone associated with sports. WFA selects and promotes the best innovative solutions that help athletes enhance their performance on an individual level, as well as making a significant contribution to the infrastructure of major clubs and the industry as a whole.


The World Future Awards team of experts identifies and recognizes the most promising and innovative startups that are harnessing the power of advanced information technology to change the world of the future for the better. The award seeks to inspire and open up new opportunities for young startups by exposing them to a wide audience, including potential investors, partners, and users.

Supply Chain & Logistics

It is difficult to overestimate the role of innovation in the development of the logistics and supply chain industry. Fast communication over enormous distances, the ability to monitor quickly, the use of robotics and big date – these and many aspects of the industry have defined the present and future of this sector.


The experts at the World Future Awards evaluate the nominees’ achievements in the field of sustainable development strategies as well as products and services that help keep the future world a comfortable place to live in. The honor of being named a WFA winner goes to companies whose innovations make a real difference and help reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.


Our world faces many challenges of all kinds, and the development of technology is one of the key answers to most of tomorrow's questions. The World Future Awards honor and celebrate outstanding examples of innovative technology development and deployment that help solve pressing problems and make a positive impact on society.


In a world where the flow and transmission of information is one of the pillars of social interaction, the field of telecommunications is growing in importance. The World Future Awards aim to recognize the best innovative telecommunications products, technologies, software, and services that can offer new approaches in the industry and provide a new level of connectivity in tomorrow’s world.


The latest trends and innovations in the transportation industry are primarily related to high technology that makes transportation more autonomous and digitized, and transportation operations more sustainable. A close look at the market leaders recognized by the WFA reveals its future prospects.

Travel, Leisure and Tourism

As one of the most powerful and stable engines of the economy, tourism is closely linked to innovation. Despite the negative effects of the pandemic, tourism and travel continue to thrive thanks to high technology and the freedom of choice it offers travelers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

It is difficult to imagine the development of future technology without virtual and augmented reality. This is a category that encompasses the best VR/AR projects that benefit education, healthcare, entertainment, and other areas of human activity.

Web 3.0

The emergence of Web 3.0 is a tectonic shift in the modern Internet, which will determine its existence for the coming years. A new approach to social interaction, advertising, promotion, fashion, and other familiar things is what the WFA winners are offering to a global audience.


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