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WFA winners are determined through rigorous research based on categories and regions. World Future Awards honorees receive an official winner’s certificate and other promotional materials. They also receive the right to use the winning logos and symbols for their promotional purposes and to affirm the exclusivity of the company from the perspective of the expert and consumer community.

Winning the World Future Awards is physically embodied in the Winners` Kit, an exclusive merchandising set that serves as a shining example of outstanding performance and excellence in innovation. The Kit includes the WFA winner’s trophy, framed certificate, winner’s plaque, and several pieces of stickers. The Winners’ Kit is delivered to the World Future Awards laureates worldwide.

The World Future Awards certificate is an affirmation of your achievements in innovation, your commitment to excellence in your sector, and the importance of your work in building a better future. Your customers and partners will appreciate your success when they see the certificate on the wall of your office or showroom.

The WFA logo is the Galactic Mark, which stands for the desire for innovation, dedication to excellence, freedom of ideas, and clarity of thought.

Winning the World Future Awards is a globally recognized symbol of innovation and a reliable indication of success and the highest level of product and service development.

Winning World Future Awards is the result of hard work and a pioneering approach to bringing cutting-edge ideas to life. The WFA winner’s plaque symbolizes your tenacity and commitment to making our common tomorrow better. Place this mark of excellence prominently in your office and let everyone know about your efforts and achievements!


Take the opportunity to gain the recognition and publicity you deserve.
Discover new horizons for your innovative products, services, or software by being nominated/winning the World Future Awards and benefiting from creative and effective promotional campaigns.

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