Suzy Receives World Future Award for Market Research Innovation

Suzy, a leading end-to-end consumer insights platform, is a World Future Awards winner in the Software category for groundbreaking achievements in redefining market research. Winning the title of Best Consumer Insights Platform, 2023, Suzy showcases its innovation, transformative capabilities, and remarkable impact within the industry.

Suzy stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how enterprises harness consumer insights to drive unprecedented growth. By granting teams unconstrained access to consumers, Suzy’s platform seamlessly integrates quantitative and qualitative data, along with a vast, high-quality audience, culminating in a singular, connected research cloud.

In an increasingly fragmented market research landscape, Suzy consolidates services, technology platforms, and panel solutions into a unified, connected research cloud so the modern enterprise can do more with less. With quantitative and qualitative capabilities, bolstered by a proprietary audience exceeding 1 million, Suzy empowers organizations with research science of the highest caliber. Its team of seasoned industry executives ensures rigorous standards, offering both DIY accessibility and full-service support.

In just five years, Suzy has burgeoned into a pioneering force, boasting over 400 enterprise customers spanning 22 diverse verticals. The platform propels customer value, impact, and ROI through its robust research capabilities while continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. Recent product launches like TURF, Data Explorer, and Showreels, and a suite of groundbreaking AI-powered solutions, poised to revolutionize the world of market research in ways previously unimaginable,  epitomize Suzy’s commitment to evolving its offerings.

Suzy’s trajectory of success not only challenges existing tech platforms but also poses a formidable threat to established research agencies. With a unique blend of DIY functionalities and an expert Center of Excellence team, comprised of industry veterans, Suzy is the preferred choice for major brands, especially during industry consolidation phases.

“We’re honored to receive a World Future Aware for our platform,” said Founder and CEO Matt Britton. “We invite enterprise brands to discover what we call ‘The Suzy Difference’ and discover how our platform can help you truly understand consumers and gain a true competitive advantage.”

With a robust roadmap under execution, Suzy continues to spearhead innovation and define the future landscape of market research. This relentless pursuit of advancement cements Suzy’s position as the go-to solution for enterprises striving for unrivaled consumer insights and market dominance.

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