MagEZ Slider by PITAKA: Powerful and Compact Charging Station to Save Your Time and Space

Ever since we surrounded ourselves with electronic gadgets and mobile devices, making them a very important and useful part of everyday life, we have become partly dependent on our smartphones and smartwatches. This dependence is especially strong when at the most inopportune moment, our iPhones report that they are running low or when our desktop becomes a place to charge multiple devices with a separate charger for each of them and tangled wires. PITAKA offers an elegant solution to keep your gadgets always charged, adding a spirit of innovation and style to your workplace. Meet MagEZ Slider, this year’s winner of World Future Awards in the category of Best Charger.

About the creators of MagEZ Slider
PITAKA’s international team consists of passionate experts from various fields, including designers, engineers, creatives, research and development (R&D), marketing, sales, and customer service. Avoiding the beaten path, they look for and find alternative ways to bring unique and high-quality innovations into people’s lives. Each product is the result of painstaking work and a non-trivial approach to working with materials, and design, which forms a new lifestyle steeped in technology and comfort.

What is MagEZ Slider
This multi-device wireless charger is the perfect embodiment of PITAKA’s commitment to an alternative tech lifestyle. MagEZ Slider brings order to your life by providing simultaneous charging for multiple devices and freeing up space and time for important things and activities. As the embodiment of PITAKA’s creative philosophy, the MagEZ Slider becomes a part of your life, showing that even a utilitarian device like a charger can be a stylish and elegant accessory to your workspace.

With its mug-like size (76 x 76 x 111.8mm), the MagEZ Slider gives you the ability to charge up to four devices at once. Its spinning base gives you 360-degree access to all devices that charge from it. The modular design opens up access to maintain the life cycle of your iPhone 13/12 Series, Galaxy S22 Series, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

How It Works
The first thing that draws attention is the elegant power pack on the front of the device. This MagSafe 4000 mAh power pack charges when you slide it into a special dock on the base. When the power pack is mounted in the MagEZ Slider, you can snap your iPhone onto it with a magnetic attachment that ensures proper placement and continuous charging of your smartphone. If your phone is not fully charged and you already need to leave, you can slide it out along with the power pack attached to the back, and the phone will continue charging on the go. Once you’ve charged your iPhone, simply detach the power pack from it and slide it back into the dock – it’ll be charging for future use.

To charge AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, or other Qi-compatible wireless headphones, simply attach the magnetic stand on the opposite side of the MagEZ Slider. This will provide wireless charging for the headphones both with and without the special case.

On the side of the dock station, is a USB-C port into which you can insert the Pitaka`s Power Dongle for Apple Watch, which is purchased separately. This MFi-certified wireless charging dongle with a magnetic lid is compatible with all Apple Watch models and allows you to charge your watch simultaneously with your iPhone and AirPods.

The MagEZ Slider dock station itself is mounted on a 360° spinning base with a 20W USB-C PD adapter and cable that provides faster, smarter, and safer power to each of your devices. The spinning mechanism provides easy access to any of your devices on the charge, and in some cases, it can perform a soothing function with its pleasant clock ticking sound.

Package and Pricing
MagEZ Slider includes the slider dock, battery back, magnetic earbuds stand, Type C to Type C cable, and PD20W charger. The cost of the kit is $129.00. If you purchase the MagEZ Slider from the manufacturer’s official website, you can save money by purchasing the Power Dongle for Apple Watch together with it.

Feebees: Revolutionizing the Design of Functional Footwear

No matter how high-quality and comfortable shoes you wear, nothing can compare with the unmatched feeling of walking barefoot. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to create footwear that approximates this delightful experience as closely as possible and brings it into everyday life. That’s exactly what Feebees do, unique sock sneakers that allow you to enjoy the barefoot experience in any situation and any setting. Their bold and innovative approach has earned them recognition at the highest level: this year, Feebees won the World Future Awards in the Footwear category. But it’s not just about the most comfortable shoes that will change the way you think about footwear. The brand implements a consistent concept of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Origin of Feebees

The Feebees story began when Chen Guming decided to make her first pair of shoes for his two-year-old daughter on his own. As a loving father and a professional with years of shoe-making experience, he wanted to create the perfect shoes for his baby girl. Understanding that children’s shoes have many specific characteristics, Chen realized that everything that was available on the market was far from perfect. It took almost two years of research, development, trial and error, and communication with other professionals to develop shoes that met his high quality requirements. In 2014, Chen Guming was able to present his two-year-old daughter with a unique pair of snickers socks. That was the beginning of Feebees.

For kids and beyond

For several years, Feebees specialized in the production of exclusively children’s snickers socks. Parents who care about the comfort and health of their children appreciated the development of Chen Guming and his team. Feebees products proved to be ideal for babies who were taking their first steps; the carefully thought-out materials and design ensured the fit of children’s feet, comfort, and safety of walking.

Over time it was decided to develop models for adults. At the moment, Feebees is a brand that produces original, quality, and functional shoes for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Footwear for any occasion

To describe Feebees as simply as possible, they are socks with thickened soles. But behind this simplicity and minimalistic design are years of development and experimentation in search of perfection. The sock sneakers do not need laces – you can just put them on your feet in a few seconds, and you’re good to go.

The Feebees top uses an exclusively developed weaving method with highly elastic nylon yarn. This method ensures that the material adheres to all parts of the foot, taking into account the anatomy, ensuring comfort and breathability of the skin.

Chen Guming knows firsthand the problems of the spine and understands the role of proper foot placement in back health and overall body condition. That’s why it was extremely important for him to make a sole that would give quality support to every Feebees owner. During the development of the sole structure, Chen himself actively wore Feebees and even participated in Ironman competitions in them. This allowed him to embody a one-piece foam sole with balanced rebound and foot support. The sole adapts to the individual shape of the wearer’s foot, making Feebees the perfect shoe for home and outdoor activities.


Along with the concept of the barefoot experience, an important aspect of Feebees is environmental protection. Chen Guming strives to avoid minimizing the carbon dioxide emissions common to conventional shoe manufacturers. Sustainability has become one of the basic concepts in Feebees’ work, and the company has achieved impressive results in this. The carbon footprint of the brand’s footwear production is only 40% of that of normal shoes.

In addition, customers can return old shoes for a fee. In the patented Feebees recycling machine, used shoes go through five crushing steps before they can be used to make new shoes. Compliant with GRS & RCS Recycling Standards and having UK BSI Carbon Emissions Certification, Feebees are one of the most environmentally friendly shoe brands in the world.

Nuro: Shaping Autonomous Local Delivery Services of the Future

Electric cars with autopilot have not yet become commonplace on public roads, but they no longer cause much trepidation. However, when an unconventional, tiny Nuro R2 vehicle hits the road, it will at least attract your attention. And when you see that there is no driver or passengers in this car, but only goods on their way from stores to customers, you may be surprised even more. As soon it becomes obvious to you that this humble car is meant to redefine the AV delivery industry and make the world a slightly more comfortable and safer place, you are likely to take an interest and respect for it and its creators. That interest is further fueled by the fact that this year, Nuro, the car’s developer, was named winner of the World Future Awards in the category of Self-Driving Vehicle That Delivers Products to Buyers.

Nuro R1. First generation

Nuro is an autonomous delivery company founded in 2016 by former Google employees Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, who worked on the Google self-driving car project, now known as Waymo. In 2018, the firm unveiled its prototype robotic delivery vehicle R1. This electric robotic delivery vehicle was designed solely for delivery services, with no driver or passenger seating.

The R1 was equipped with a full set of radar, sonar, and lidar to move fully on the roadway, obeying all traffic rules and not endangering other road users and pedestrians. The R1 had extremely compact dimensions, with its height below the average human height and width of less than a meter. The refusal to carry passengers made the car much cheaper to produce and eliminated a number of complexities in design and operation.

Nuro R2

In 2020, the Nuro team unveiled a new, improved autonomous delivery vehicle, the R2. This generation features a stronger body, a 360-degree vision system that represents the road without any blind spots, a new sensor system, increased interior space without increasing the vehicle’s dimensions, and increased battery capacity to run all day.

Nuro has received permits from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to test the R2 on public roads as a self-driving car without mirrors or pedals. In doing so, the R2 travels at speeds of no more than 25 miles per hour.


R2 is an effective tool with which the Nuro team fulfills its mission of improving everyday life through robotics. Autonomous vehicle delivery offers a new approach to local commerce, providing faster, more convenient, more economical, and safer delivery of goods from stores directly to customers. It allows users to use conventional cars less, unload roads, and free up their own time to devote to the people and activities they love.

How it works

Nuro has teamed up with popular brands to deliver sought-after products fully autonomously and safely. Its list of partners includes Walmart, FedEx, Chipotle, Domino’s, Kroger, and CVS Pharmacy. Customizable compartments and a large payload allow the R2 to carry a wide range of loads, from pizzas to large grocery bags.

To use R2’s services, users must place a delivery order with one of the listed partners and select «Self-Driving Vehicle.» Once Nuro’s self-driving bot picks up the order and sets off, the user will receive a link to track the vehicle. When the R2 arrives at the address, Nuro will send the user a message with an access code that must be entered in order to receive the order. To avoid confusion and to ensure the safety of goods, different orders are neatly separated from each other inside the vehicle.

Nuro currently provides fully autonomous delivery to customers in Houston, Silicon Valley, and Greater Phoenix.


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