Revolutionary Snail Vibe Gizi Vibrator: A Leap Forward in Pleasure Technology

Snail Vibe, the inventive company at the forefront of sexual wellness innovation, proudly announces their prestigious Snail Vibe Gizi win at the 2023 World Future Awards in the Health and Medical Care category for Best Sex Device. This esteemed accolade underscores Snail Vibe’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining pleasure through cutting-edge technology.

Rooted in extensive research and collaboration with sexologists and influencers, Snail Vibe has emerged as a global leader in the realm of intimate well-being. The company’s products are meticulously crafted based on sexological approaches, ensuring a fusion of science and sensuality that sets them apart. Originally launched in the Netherlands, Snail Vibe quickly evolved into a global brand.

Recognizing the diverse needs of pleasure-seekers, Snail Vibe addresses a crucial aspect of sexual satisfaction—clitoral stimulation. Approximately 75% of vulva owners require external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and Snail Vibe has risen to the occasion with their groundbreaking creations: the Snail Vibe Curve and Snail Vibe Gizi vibrators.

The brand-new revolutionary Snail Vibe Gizi goes beyond the ordinary. Its unique shape suits the anatomical features of any woman’s body helping to find the optimal insertion depth for ultimate pleasure. Snail Vibe Gizi design offers a compact size with the insertion of a full-size vibrator allowing not only reaching the G-spot which is placed 4-6 cm from the entrance but stimulating the A-spot as well on the peak of the arousal due to deeper penetration ensured by Slide’n’Roll Technique.

The vibrator has an ergonomically curved flexible shape of the shaft allowing you to get to your G-spot easier than ever before and a textured Spiral Head for clitoral stimulation for even more pleasure.

The innovative Slide’n’Roll Technique guarantees constant clitoral contact while you are finding your ideal depth of penetration for fantastic G-spot pleasure. The dual power of 2 motors delivers deep and intense vibrations.

The brand’s name is a nod to the Snail’s unique motion, inspired by the Slide’n’Roll Technology implemented in their devices. Contrary to the snail’s pace, Snail Vibe vibrators are nothing short of rapid in delivering pleasure. With two powerful motors, these devices have the capacity to induce orgasm within seconds of use.

„We would like to extend a huge thank you to the World Future Awards team for selecting our company for this award. We believe that our products really make a difference and we can’t wait to meet more happy Snail Vibe clients!”, says Snail Vibe Gizi’s spokesperson.

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Interview with Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe

Smart technology is penetrating deeper and deeper into our daily lives. The bedroom, the place where love and passion take shape, is no exception. Innovative devices from sex-tech company MysteryVibe help bring the quality of intimate life to a new level, offering a balance of advanced engineering solutions and medical research. The recent winning at the World Future Awards was the perfect opportunity to talk to Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe, about how his company’s products help improve the pleasure experience and sexual performance.

World Future Awards: Please tell us a little about yourself and your professional background.

Soumyadip Rakshit: I started my career at Philips while studying Electronics Engineering. Following that, I did my Ph.D. at the University of Bath, specializing in Biometrics. My research was published in Nature and led to the start-up, Smart Sensors, which quickly became a leader in Iris Recognition and was acquired by Fotonation, a computational imaging company. I then spent 7 years in Management Consulting, building cutting-edge technology in national security and financial crime. My clients included Home Office, eBorders, Transport Security, Santander and HSBC.
From my experiences, I learned that a major challenge in people’s lives is keeping the ‘mystery’ alive in the bedroom. This is especially the case after major life events like childbirth, menopause, cancer treatment or surgery. So, in 2014, I co-founded MysteryVibe to bring deep product and operational experiences together and create medical devices which address big topics in sexual health like pain and erectile dysfunction.
Over the past 8 years, our team has worked closely with healthcare professionals and consumers to be at the forefront of the sexual health and wellness market. We’ve been bridging the gap between engineering, medical and pleasure to build MysteryVibe into a world leader in this space.

WFA: How did the idea for MysteryVibe come about?

SR: Sexual health is an important part of overall health, yet sexual problems are hardly discussed due to shame and stigma, even though they contribute significantly to decreased quality of life and relationships. MysteryVibe came about to normalize important sexual health conversations and elevate sexual health by making accessible and affordable alternatives to prescription medications. Our products are medically researched and doctor-endorsed to increase pleasure with body-adaptable designs and mitigate sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, arousal disorder, and pelvic pain. By making health sexy, we aim to keep the mystery alive in the bedroom and improve relationships.

WFA: How can you briefly describe the concept of MysteryVibe?

SR: MysteryVibe is a sexual technology and health company combining cutting-edge design & technology to create award-winning smart vibrators for men, women & couples that improves their health and well-being.

WFA: Can you tell us about the uniqueness of MysteryVibe offerings by the example of one of your products?

SR: We create revolutionary body-adaptable vibrators that are registered medical devices. Crescendo 2 is the world’s first and only bendable, Bluetooth gender-agnostic vibrator. Designed to mimic human fingers, it bends into myriad shapes to adapt to your unique body shape and size. With superior bendability, six motors, and sixteen intensity levels, Crescendo 2 precisely targets erogenous zones with powerful vibrations like never before. Tenuto 2 is the world’s first and only smart wearable male vibrator that is an alternative to prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. Tenuto 2 works to promote erectile function as well as elevate sensations for the wearer and partner, should one be applicable.

WFA: MysteryVibe sex toys are an interesting symbiosis of high technology, medical research, and impeccable design. How does your team manage to achieve such a holistic result?

SR: It’s a balancing act of innovating a functional and aesthetically beautiful medical device that people can easily understand and apply within their lives. We start with deep medical research, informed by doctors, urologists, menopause specialists, and pelvic therapists. Then we collect feedback from people with these specific pain points, which informs our designs and product functionality. We go through several iterations before we land on a prototype that works, and even then, we continue testing and improving along every step of production.

WFA: Your brand has shown the direction in which the sexual health and pleasure industry can develop. In your opinion, what other changes await it in the near future?
SR: Personalization is the future of sexual health and pleasure products. Every body is different and responds to different stimuli, so the importance of customization and body-adaptable designs will only increase as more people embrace gender fluidity and reject traditional exclusive vibrator designs that are incompatible with their anatomies.

WFA: MysteryVibe sex devices, with the consent of their owners, can collect data that is used for new developments and to improve product performance. Are there any interesting findings from the collected data that you could share?
SR: MysteryVibe devices do not collect any user data. Instead, we rely on one-to-one interactions with our users and experts to collect feedback on how we can improve our devices and what we should be focusing on developing next. The key findings from these interactions are ways to improve efficacy, usability, and understanding which sexual health issues can be addressed through vibration therapy.

WFA: How do you assess the current state of the sex tech sector? Are there aspects of it that you would like to change?
SR: While sex tech and sexual health are becoming more mainstream and accepted, securing funding is still an issue due to antiquated views about sex and sexual health. Sex tech companies are facing continued challenges in marketing due to policy restrictions in all major media companies. To create a sexually healthy and equitable world, we need to continue educating and overcoming these barriers with creative resourcefulness.

WFA: Does MysteryVibe have any initiatives beyond the development and production of innovative sex toys?
SR: The key to bringing about change in sexual health is through conversations, and this is especially true for couples where starting a conversation in the bedroom can be challenging. To support this, we work extensively on researching and writing actionable content in all things sex from pelvic pain to prostate cancer, audio porn to threesomes.

WFA: What can the industry and users expect from your brand in the near future?
SR: We just launched two new products, Tenuto Mini – the first compact male wearable vibrator, and Legato – the first labia vibrator, and we will launch another product in the coming weeks.

WFA: What are your emotions about MysteryVibe winning the World Future Awards?
SR: It’s incredibly validating to receive recognition for the hard work the team has contributed to advancing sexual health and pleasure. Awards like the World Future Awards inspire and invigorate us to continue pushing through obstacles and helping those who need it most.

MysteryVibe Wins World Future Awards for Innovating Sexual Health Industry

The days when the topic of sex and intimate health was considered taboo are gone. Today, people continue to learn how to discuss sexual issues more openly and find effective ways to deal with the most common sexual health problems. MysteryVibe is a team of enthusiasts who use their deep practical knowledge and the latest technology to improve people’s lives through increased sexual well-being. This year the company was highly praised by the World Future Awards research team, and MysteryVibe was recognized as the winner in the category of Best Sexual Health Products.

World Future Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the best products, software, and services that will transform the global economy and define the landscape of the future. The organization researches inventions across all categories, including technology, beauty, health care, food, home, and entertainment, that are making the world better, smarter or even a bit more fun.

The MysteryVibe team specializes in researching sexual health issues and developing innovative products and services designed to address those issues. The intimate sphere is one of the main aspects of a person’s physical and psychological health, and deeper research for well-being in this sphere helps to improve human well-being not only on a personal, but also on a social level.

MysteryVibe is a sextech and health company that specializes in developing medical and pleasure devices that help manage sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, arousal disorder, and pain during intercourse. MysteryVibe’s versatile products incorporate best medical practices, in-depth knowledge of engineering and technology, and innovative design.

MysteryVibe has revolutionized the market for sexual health devices. The company was the first manufacturer of devices tailored to the individual physiological characteristics of each person. At that time, the market offered a large number of products, most of which had a fixed size and a firm shape. MysteryVibe proceeded from the fact that every person is unique, and it is necessary to create products that adapt to the anatomical features of each user.

The company developed bendable and customizable devices that can take any shape and transmit vibrations to the desired points. They stimulate blood circulation in the area, reducing pain and increasing sexual sensitivity. Point-directed vibrations of MysteryVibe devices are not only intended to improve health; they can be used as traditional sex toys for personalized pleasure.


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