Cresstec’s Visionary Energy Solutions Propel Them to Victory at World Future Awards

Cresstec Pty Ltd, a pioneering leader in sustainable technology solutions, has been selected as a winner of a World Future Award in the category of Best Energy Saving Solutions for 2023. This accolade recognizes Cresstec’s loyalty to revolutionizing the landscape of sustainable technologies while significantly contributing to energy reduction and efficiency.

CRESSTEC is an acronym for Carbon Reducing Energy Saving Solutions and Technologies; its very definition is exactly what the company stands for. Founded in 2014 with a core belief that sustainability should not compromise convenience or efficacy, Cresstec has strived to innovate and simplify lives while benefiting the global environment. Through relentless dedication and cutting-edge advancements, the company has emerged as a leader in developing groundbreaking energy-saving solutions.

Recognizing the critical need for sustainable solutions in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) sector, Cresstec established the HVAC-R Research & Development Testing Facility (CHRDTF) in 2016. This state-of-the-art facility has generated groundbreaking data and analysis, contributing significantly to the advancement of HVAC-R technology.

The company’s flagship product, the Regulating Efficiency & Emissions Device (REED), showcases Cresstec’s innovative prowess. REED, a patented, multi-award-winning refrigerant management and energy-saving technology, dynamically optimizes refrigerant usage to match environmental demands. By efficiently storing refrigerant energy, REED substantially reduces electricity consumption and minimizes system wear.

Cresstec’s dedication to innovation extends beyond product development. Recently, the company collaborated with the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water, providing valuable insights on preventable faults in air-conditioning systems, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

With a visionary leadership team comprising Ian Nankivell as CEO, David Tomson as COO, Steve Smith as Sales Manager, and Michael Woods as Lead Engineer, Cresstec remains committed to its mission of creating innovative, environmentally responsible solutions.

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Fleet Space Technologies: Connecting Earth, Moon, and Mars

Fleet Space Technologies is redefining space exploration by connecting Earth, Moon, and Mars. With ExoSphere, their groundbreaking technology, they’re revolutionizing mineral exploration with rapid, precise 3D mapping of valuable deposits. This innovation accelerates sustainable discovery processes, earning global recognition for advancing clean mobility and energy solutions.

ExoSphere’s passive seismic methods, combined with Fleet’s low-power satellite network, have disrupted exploration, offering a cost-effective way to identify critical minerals. Major industry players like Core Lithium, Hillgrove Resources, and Talon Metals are already invested in its potential.

Fleet’s ambitions extend to Moon and Mars exploration. By adapting their technologies, they aim to contribute to international space programs, revealing insights crucial for sustaining life beyond Earth.

A key player in the “New Space” sector, Fleet’s impact spans domestic satellite tech to global exploration efforts. Collaborations with Australia’s defense sector underscore their significance. Their recent launch, EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®, showcases their commitment to advancing mineral exploration through Geodes sensors and real-time passive seismic methods.

Headquartered in Adelaide, Fleet boasts a strong global presence with teams in the US, offices in Canada, Luxembourg, and Chile. Their vision goes beyond business – they’re pioneering the connection of Earth with celestial bodies.

Fleet Space Technologies isn’t just shaping industries; it’s pioneering unity across Earth, Moon, and Mars. With ExoSphere and their dedication to discovery, they’re leaving an enduring mark on our world and beyond.

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