Pioneering AI Innovator Edward Frank Morris Appointed to World Future Awards Board

World Future Awards is pleased to announce the appointment of Edward Frank Morris, Founder of Enigmatica, to its Board of Directors. With an illustrious career dedicated to advancing the forefront of Prompt Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Morris brings noteworthy expertise and vision to the World Future Awards.

Enigmatica, under Morris’s leadership, has emerged as a pioneer in facilitating faultless integration of prompt libraries, ChatGPT, and LLM-based solutions for businesses worldwide. Morris’s innovative approach has empowered over a hundred business owners to leverage the potential of AI technologies, earning him recognition from prestigious platforms such as Forbes, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance.

Edward Frank Morris’s appointment to the World Future Awards Board heralds a new chapter in their commitment to honoring and celebrating merit in technology and innovation. His admirable expertise and visionary leadership in the field of AI will undoubtedly enrich WFA’s mission and initiatives.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Morris’s influence extends to the global stage, with his newsletter attracting readership from esteemed entities including the US Government, OpenAI, J.P. Morgan, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others. His exceptional contributions to Prompt Engineering and AI were recently acknowledged with the prestigious LinkedIn Top Voice award for 2024, solidifying his status as a pivotal figure in the technological landscape.

Edward is committed to leveraging this platform to continue advocating for the transformative potential of AI and fostering a future where technological innovation serves to benefit humanity at large. His insights and leadership will undoubtedly propel the organization toward new heights of merit and impact.


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