Top 100 Next Generation Company




Volta, a pioneering force in the world of XR creation, has earned its place among the World Future Awards’ Top 100 Next Generation Companies for 2023.

As a self-serve XR creation platform, Volta empowers artists and creators to transcend the confines of the 2D screen, delving into the expansive realm of the metaverse. At the forefront of music technology development, Volta XR, a proud member of the prestigious Techstars portfolio, has positioned itself as a game-changer.

Having successfully completed the Techstars program, Volta XR has forged impactful partnerships with industry giants such as Warner, Beatport, Boiler Room, Mixcloud, and more. These collaborations reflect a commitment to bringing the next generation of music experiences to a global audience. Unlike traditional production studios with prohibitive costs and lengthy lead times, Volta breaks down barriers by offering a free, self-service XR platform. This democratizes the creation and broadcasting of metaverse-reaching immersive experiences, allowing creators to connect with audiences wherever they may be.

Volta’s innovative approach enables artists to leverage any audio source, including desktop audio output, midi controllers, metadata, and popular digital audio workstations like Ableton Live or Logic Pro. The platform’s real-time synchronization of various visual effects with music represents a groundbreaking initiative—the first of its kind. By providing an accessible avenue for creators to construct and broadcast immersive experiences, Volta is transforming the landscape of XR content creation and distribution.

As a recipient of the World Future Awards’ recognition, Volta stands as a testament to its commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.