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Unmanned Life has established itself as an innovative pioneer in the field of autonomous robotics, offering organizations an effortless and sustainable pathway to integrate robotics into their operations. Through their groundbreaking technology, Unmanned Life is leading the way toward a future where efficiency and sustainability intersect with ease.

In a time when companies are rapidly expanding their robotics fleets, the award-winning company stands out by addressing the inherent challenges of fragmentation in autonomous robotics. The customization of each fleet for specific tasks often leads to inefficiencies caused by disparate software stacks, interfaces, and operating systems. However, Unmanned Life’s revolutionary technology bridges these gaps, facilitating effortless collaboration and delivering quality efficiencies across various domains.

Unmanned Life embarked on its journey in 2016 with visionary angel investors, laying the foundation for groundbreaking Proofs of Concepts. In 2021, the company reached new heights through strategic reorganization and significant institutional investments, forging impactful partnerships and deploying solutions globally. From Canada to Austria, Unmanned Life’s influence is felt, earning acclaim and recognition at every step.

Beyond technological innovation, Unmanned Life is a staunch advocate of sustainability in all aspects of its operations. With a holistic approach that encompasses environmental stewardship, diversity, inclusion, and employee safety, the company epitomizes its commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future.

At Unmanned Life, passion fuels innovation, and collaboration drives progress. The diverse team embodies a culture of unity and cooperation, learning from both successes and failures to cultivate an inspiring environment. Just as their autonomous robotics operate as a cohesive swarm, the team thrives on synergy and collective effort. For individuals driven by curiosity and a passion for technology, Unmanned Life extends an invitation to join forces in shaping the autonomous future.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt, the pioneering firm continues to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of autonomous robotics.