Professional Development Platform




Imagine a world where language skills and professional development combine effortlessly. Speexx, the #1 platform for digital people development, makes this a reality.

Speexx offers a powerful amalgamation of cutting-edge AI technology and a global network of top coaches. This dynamic duo empowers large organizations everywhere with corporate language training, skills assessment, and business coaching – all within a safe and integrated ecosystem that works with your existing people technology.

Speexx Coaching™, recognized with 4 prestigious industry awards in 2023, takes business coaching to a whole new level. At its core lies the revolutionary Speexx Matchmaker™.

This powerful AI-powered algorithm leverages data science, the latest research, and cutting-edge technology to connect each coachee with their ideal coach. Through a sophisticated needs assessment, Speexx Matchmaker™ considers individual goals and a multitude of scientific coaching parameters to guarantee the perfect fit. No more endless searches – Speexx Matchmaker™ presents a curated selection of top coaches, maximizing the potential for a successful and impactful coaching experience.

As a coachee’s goals shift, Speexx Matchmaker™ easily adapts, ensuring a constantly relevant coaching journey.

Speexx Matchmaker™ unlocks a global pool of expertise at your fingertips, presenting the top three matches and offering the option to explore additional highly compatible profiles. Trusted by leading brands like Credit Suisse, BMW, and HSBC, the development platform boasts an impressive 8 million users. This extensive offering includes business coaching, skills assessment, and language training in all major business languages, with ongoing support in 13 languages.

Security and compliance are a priority. The innovative enterprise holds various data security and CSR certifications, complying with all relevant international regulations. With an average user satisfaction score exceeding 96%, the platform is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

Awarded and recognized since its founding in 2011, the company has garnered over 200 awards, most recently being named one of the World’s Top EdTech Companies by TIME. With a global presence and a team of 1,700 staff and coaches, Speexx empowers organizations worldwide to invest in their people and their future.