Snail Vibe Gizi

Snail Vibe Gizi


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Sex Device



The Snail Vibe brand is the result of extensive research and collaboration with sexologists, as well as influencers, to maximize the potential of this innovation. The company produces their products based on sexological approaches.

The collection was initially launched in the Netherlands, where the company is located, but quickly evolved into a global brand. Manufacturing is based in China, as this country offers the best opportunity to kick-start innovative production in the realm of sexual wellness gadgets.

Approximately 75% of vulva owners require external clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. With thousands of nerve endings, it is the only known body part whose sole and unique function is pleasure!

With this in mind, Snail Vibe developed the Snail Vibe Curve and Snail Vibe Gizi vibrators—toys that offer constant clitoral stimulation while allowing internal sliding movements, mimicking penetration. This is made possible by 2 powerful motors that deliver deep and intense vibrations. These toys are designed for everyone who wants to enjoy dual stimulation without losing touch with the clitoris.

The name of the brand was inspired by the Snail’s motion as it unrolls and rolls back due to the implemented Slide’n’Roll Technology. However, in terms of speed, Snail Vibe vibrators are anything but slow. With 2 powerful motors, they can deliver an orgasm within seconds of use!