Advanced eVTOL Solution




Pivotal, based in Palo Alto, California, is a pioneering force in the electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) industry. Dedicated to revolutionizing personal aviation, Pivotal designs, develops, and manufactures feature-rich light eVTOL aircraft for adventurous individuals. These innovative vehicles redefine personal flight, offering the freedom to explore the world from breathtaking new perspectives. With the ability to take off and land in scenic locales, Pivotal’s aircraft promise an immersive and unforgettable experience.

With over a decade of innovation, Pivotal leads the eVTOL industry with the most mature technology in the market. Their unique tilt-aircraft architecture and scalable platform have undergone rigorous refinement, resulting in over six hundred successful human flights and the production of numerous aircraft. With a team of nearly 30 trained pilots, including customers turned enthusiasts, Pivotal sets the standard in personal eVTOL aviation.

Safety is paramount at Pivotal, evident in every aspect of their operations. From fault-tolerant design and expert engineering to thorough manufacturing processes and comprehensive pilot training, safety is ingrained in their ethos. Their aircraft feature modular and redundant energy storage, power, and propulsion systems integrated into wingside pods, alongside a whole-aircraft ballistic parachute system for ultimate peace of mind.

Pivotal’s journey began with the groundbreaking BlackFly, the first eVTOL aircraft of its kind to be sold and delivered to an individual in the United States in 2018. Building on this success, Pivotal introduced the Helix in October 2023, its first production aircraft, garnering attention for its advanced design and thrilling flight experience.

Pivotal continues to set new standards for innovation, safety, and adventure in the skies.