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Perlego, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Chancery Lane, London, is a pioneering company with a mission to revolutionize education by providing an affordable and sustainable textbook solution for learners across the globe. Born out of the struggle faced by its founders, Gauthier and Matt, as students burdened by exorbitant textbook costs, Perlego has grown into a business committed to breaking down the barriers to education and making learning accessible to all.

Perlego’s vision was ignited during the founders’ search for a more affordable alternative to traditional textbooks. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, they devised a groundbreaking approach to textbook distribution. By partnering directly with publishers and eliminating the expenses of print, distribution, and retail markup, Perlego disrupted the traditional textbook industry. Created by students, for students, Perlego’s innovative model removed financial obstacles and offered unlimited access to a vast array of educational resources.

At the heart of Perlego’s services lies their subscription model, which provides students with affordable and unlimited access to a comprehensive library of books, academic texts, and tools. Gone are the days of choosing between purchasing expensive textbooks or sacrificing valuable learning resources. With Perlego, students can unlock knowledge from any device, at any time, thanks to their pioneering streaming service for educational content.

With Perlego, the landscape of education is being redefined. Perlego’s dedication to providing affordable access to knowledge sets them apart from their competitors. While others in the industry may continue to rely on traditional retail models, Perlego offers a cost-effective alternative that democratizes education. By embracing a subscription-based approach, Perlego empowers students with unlimited access to an extensive collection of educational resources, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed academically.

Today, Perlego is trusted by students worldwide. Their online library of books, academic texts, and tools continues to expand, offering learners an ever-growing repository of knowledge at their fingertips. Perlego’s commitment to affordability, sustainability, and unlimited access to educational resources remains unwavering as they strive to unlock the full potential of education for students everywhere.