Top 100 Next Generation Company




Mindbloom, a groundbreaking force in the ever-evolving landscape of mental health care, has been recognized by World Future Awards as one of their Top 100 Next Generation Companies in 2023.

At the core of Mindbloom’s mission is Founder Dylan Beynon’s personal journey from darkness to discovery, as he navigated the loss of his mother and sister to severe mental illnesses and addiction. Inspired by his transformative experience with psychedelic medicines, particularly ketamine therapy in 2018, Beynon dedicated himself to enhancing access to these life-changing treatments.

Mindbloom’s mission revolves around the belief that mental health is central to leading a happy, fulfilling life. Their commitment extends beyond symptom alleviation to addressing the root causes of mental pain through science-backed treatments. A notable accomplishment is the largest-ever ketamine therapy study, with an impressive 89% of clients reporting improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms after just four sessions.

The company’s approach emphasizes neuroplasticity, aiming for comprehensive and personalized programs that delve into the source of mental health challenges. Safety, efficacy, and support converge to create exceptional outcomes, backed by rigorous safety protocols, expert medical support, and the convenience of at-home treatments.

Mindbloom carefully orchestrates the client journey, pairing each individual with a licensed clinician for a thorough health history review. The Bloombox, containing all necessary materials, is delivered to the client’s door, and a trained Mindbloom guide assists through the administration process. Innovative pathways, personalized for individual goals, guide clients toward a fulfilling life, complemented by Integration Circles, an exclusive support group.

The company’s team of professionals, including licensed clinicians and guides, ensures clients are supported at every step. The Mindbloom app enriches the treatment experience with specialized programs, a Music Library by licensed music therapists, Journal Prompts, and a Learning and Integration Library.

In a diverse world of mental health challenges, Mindbloom offers specialized programs catering to individual needs, from anxiety and depression to grief and habit improvement. The company is dedicated to transforming lives, and through cutting-edge treatments, constant support, and a personalized approach, Mindbloom emerges as a beacon of hope and healing.