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Robotics Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Locus Robotics is a frontrunner in warehouse automation, recognized globally for its cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions. Winning the prestigious World Future Awards in 2024 for Best Robotics Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Locus Robotics stands out for its intelligent, enterprise-grade robotics platform.

Merging extensive supply chain expertise with innovative technology, the company reimagines warehouse fulfillment with its purpose-built autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These robots dramatically enhance workflows, increasing productivity by 2-3 times while halving labor costs. Adaptable to any environment—brownfield or greenfield, single or multi-level, narrow aisles, and mezzanines— the enterprise’s solutions offer unmatched versatility for diverse payloads, processes, and use cases.

With a flexible and scalable approach, the entity optimizes productivity from day one and scales with clients’ growth. Integration with existing warehouse management systems ensures smooth and cost-effective deployment, whether ten robots or a thousand are needed.

Locus Robotics’ range includes Locus Origin, designed for maximum efficiency with advanced navigation and vision systems, and Locus Vector, an AMR with industrial strength and compact design suitable for various roles. The data science-driven platform, LocusOne, enables enterprise-wide AMR deployments and performance management, ensuring warehouses operate at peak efficiency.

Committed to empowering warehouses to “Move What Matters,” Locus Robotics leverages its deep heritage in warehouse automation to deliver proven, flexible, and intelligent solutions, transforming warehouse productivity, operational efficiency, and workplace safety.