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Fleet Space Technologies, a leading Australian space company, is on a bold mission to interlink Earth, Moon, and Mars while transforming mineral exploration, defense, and space exploration sectors. From its cutting-edge headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, Fleet has swiftly grown into a powerhouse with over 100 employees, propelling its influence across the globe. Offices in the US, Canada, Luxembourg, and Chile cement its international reach.

As part of their innovative strategies, Fleet has introduced EXOSPHERE BY FLEET®, an end-to-end solution redefining mineral exploration. The Geodes, Fleet’s pioneering sensors, are deployed across survey sites, employing real-time passive seismic methods through Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT). By deciphering seismic waves, this non-invasive technology rapidly forms a 3D model of the subterranean landscape, expediting mineral deposit identification. The result: a revolutionized exploration process that’s swift, efficient, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Beyond terrestrial boundaries, Fleet is set to propel humanity into space, harnessing the ExoSphere technology. This same innovation, perfected on Earth, is poised to unlock the secrets of the Moon and Mars, paving the way for sustainable life and commercial expansion beyond our planet. Their visionary approach seeks to aid international exploration initiatives, potentially unveiling lunar lava tubes and Martian mineral treasures.

Fleet’s groundbreaking satellite infrastructure and new technologies have upended terrestrial industries, most notably in critical mineral exploration. Unveiling hitherto unseen discoveries and unprecedented prospects, Fleet has become a vital player in the global ‘New Space’ movement. Moreover, as a devoted partner for Australia’s defense sector, the company is positioned to elevate domestic satellite technology and bolster international space exploration endeavors.

Infused with expertise in mineral exploration and driven by an audacious vision, Fleet Space Technologies is committed to reshaping our world and extending our horizons. By creating an indelible impact on Earth and transcending its boundaries, Fleet beckons us toward a future where connectivity, innovation, and exploration know no bounds.