Energy Saving Solutions



Cresstec, an industry pioneer, stands at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainable technology and energy-efficient solutions. Established in 2014, Cresstec Pty Ltd was born from a collective vision shared by three impassioned professionals who firmly believed in reconciling sustainability with convenience and efficiency. This foundational belief has steered Cresstec’s journey to redefine the landscape of sustainable technologies, asserting that these innovations can not only simplify lives but also foster a healthier world.

Cresstec’s leadership team, helmed by CEO Ian Nankivell, COO David Tomson, Sales Manager Steve Smith, and Lead Engineer Michael Woods, embodies the company’s spirit of collaboration and innovation. The company’s ethos revolves around pioneering novel innovations that enhance lives while harmonizing with the planet’s needs. The acronym “CRESSTEC” embodies the company’s core values—Carbon Reducing Energy Saving Solutions and Technologies—signifying its dedication to combating climate change and energy consumption.

Notably, Cresstec’s groundbreaking achievement of winning the prestigious World Future Award for Best Energy Saving Solutions category for 2023 proves its innovation in the field.

At the heart of Cresstec’s mission lies a customer-centric approach, cultivating enduring relationships, and delivering unmatched customer experiences and solutions. The company’s vision for advancement is fueled by its consistent dedication to sustainable reduction technologies that forge a path toward a more secure and sustainable future.

Cresstec’s flagship product, the Regulating Efficiency & Emissions Device (REED), has garnered global acclaim as a patented, multi-award-winning refrigerant management and energy-saving technology. REED’s innovative design enables dynamic refrigerant optimization, perfectly aligning with environmental demands while conserving energy and reducing system wear.

The Cresstec HVAC-R Research & Development Testing Facility (CHRDTF) is a state-of-the-art facility in North Rocks, NSW, that has spearheaded groundbreaking experiments, generating pioneering data on HVAC system performance under various conditions.

Through relentless innovation, customer-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions, Cresstec continues to shape the future of energy-saving technologies, propelling the world towards a more responsible and sustainable trajectory.