Speexx Revolutionizes Corporate Learning with World Future Award Win

Speexx, the world’s #1 platform for digital people development, has secured a coveted World Future Awards in 2024 for Best Professional Development Platform. Speexx is devoted to revolutionizing how organizations empower their workforces in the digital age.

Speexx, recently voted one of the World’s Top EdTechs by TIME, goes beyond traditional language training by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates AI-powered language learning and personalized business coaching. This award-winning combination equips employees with the critical skills they need to thrive in today’s dynamic global market.

Speexx’s business coaching product, Speexx Coaching™, garnered recognition in 2023 with 4 prestigious industry awards. Speexx Coaching’s secret weapon? Speexx Matchmaker™. This industry-first smart algorithm uses a sophisticated needs assessment and advanced data science to connect each coachee with their ideal coach.  Imagine – no more struggling to find the right fit! Speexx Matchmaker™ simplifies the process, presenting top-ranked matches that ensure a successful coaching journey.

More than 1,500 leading companies, including Credit Suisse, BMW, and HSBC, trust Speexx to deliver real, measurable results. With over 8 million users achieving an impressive 96% satisfaction rate, Speexx is a powerhouse in the EdTech landscape.

“Winning the World Future Awards means the world to us, and proves our dedication to creating the future of corporate learning,” says CEO Jörg Koberling. “By providing a personalized, data-driven approach to development, Speexx empowers organizations to unlock their workforce’s full potential and achieve lasting success.”

Discover how Speexx can transform your organization’s learning and development strategy. Visit their website at http://www.speexx.com/.