Speexx: Level Up Your Business Language Skills

The world of digital professional development is ever-changing, and within this world, Speexx has become a pioneer by expertly combining advanced technology with human expertise to offer exceptional language training and business coaching services. Recognized as the #1 platform for digital people development, and voted one of the World’s Top EdTechs by TIME, Speexx has recently been honored with a World Future Awards in the EdTech category for Best Professional Development Platform in the World for 2024.

Founded in 2011, Speexx has grown to become a global leader in EdTech, with a robust presence in major cities including Munich, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, and Shanghai. With over 1,700 staff and coaches, and a user base exceeding 8 million, Speexx serves more than 1,500 of the world’s leading brands and organizations, such as Credit Suisse, Adecco, BMW, Audi, Atos, Renault, Stellantis, BioMerieux, and HSBC.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Professional Development

Speexx’s unique proposition lies in its ability to combine language learning with business coaching in a digital workplace environment. At the core of this innovation is Speexx Coaching™, a product that garnered four prestigious industry awards in 2023. The cornerstone of Speexx Coaching™ is the revolutionary Speexx Matchmaker™, a sophisticated smart algorithm that uses data science, AI-powered technology, and cutting-edge research to connect coachees with their ideal coaches.

Speexx Matchmaker™ utilizes a comprehensive needs assessment process that takes into account the coachee’s objectives and a multitude of matching parameters. This scientific approach ensures a perfect match, enhancing the likelihood of a successful coaching relationship and positive outcomes. If the coachee’s goals evolve, the system can easily restart the needs assessment process to find the best compatible coaches for the new objectives. This flexibility and precision in matching coaches set Speexx apart from its competitors.

Innovative Learning Solutions

Speexx’s platform is rich with innovative features designed to enhance learning and development. The AI-enhanced learning platform offers targeted, industry-specific content recommendations, ensuring that users receive relevant and practical training. Speexx VideoLab, another groundbreaking tool, is the first AI-based platform for personalized business communication skills training. It allows learners to engage with real-life business situations, tailored to their specific industry needs.

The Skills Center complements these offerings by providing tools for skills development, alongside guided self-study activities in the Daily Practice section. This comprehensive approach enables learners to track their progress and performance continually. Moreover, Speexx employs an AI ‘coach to user’ matching feature, ensuring that learners are paired with coaches who possess industry-specific expertise, thereby maximizing the relevance and impact of the training.

Value-Driven Solutions

Speexx offers three subscription models—Smart, Expert, and Expert Pro—each tailored to different learning needs and preferences. The Smart model includes online self-study activities, live group training, social learning, and feedback on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The Expert model builds on these features, adding personal native speaker coaching, a VideoLab, writing skills training, and a globally recognized certificate. The Expert Pro model further enhances the offering with individual virtual training sessions and 24/7 language support.

Quality and Security

Speexx’s commitment to quality is evident in its in-house developed platform and rigorous selection process for coaches and trainers. All coaches are certified and possess industry-specific experience, ensuring they provide the highest level of guidance and support to learners. This dedication to quality has earned Speexx various data security certifications and compliance with international data privacy regulations, including ISO 9001:2015, TISAX, and GDPR. Additionally, Speexx boasts an impressive user satisfaction score of over 96% on average.

A Global Reach with Local Expertise

Speexx’s digital cloud-based solutions are designed to be fast, scalable, and adaptable to international markets. The company’s marketing and sales strategy is localized to cater to the specific needs of different regions. In certain markets, Speexx also operates through franchises, such as iEd in Peru and Applitech Solutions in Thailand, ensuring that their innovative solutions reach even the most remote areas.


Speexx stands at the forefront of the EdTech industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in corporate language training and business coaching. The recognition from the World Future Awards 2024 underscores the company’s leadership and commitment to excellence. With its groundbreaking AI technology, a global network of top coaches, and focus on quality and security, Speexx is poised to continue transforming the professional development landscape for years to come.

To find out more about the award-winning company, please visit: http://www.speexx.com/.