Phantom II by Devialet: Stylish Sound of the Future

Phantom II by Devialet: Stylish Sound of the Future

When the French company Devialet introduced the first generation of the Phantom speaker in 2015, it became obvious that the wireless speaker industry would no longer be the same. Both its design and technical capabilities were far ahead of their counterparts and took sound quality to a new level in the relatively compact size of the device. The new version of the Phantom II speaker went even further. Boasting an even more refined and sophisticated design, it delivers a sound that’s cleaner and more powerful than ever. Following a rigorous research process, the expert commission at World Future Awards was able to give the Phantom II it’s due and announced it as a winner in the category of Best Wireless Speaker. Let’s take a closer look at this product and see what it has to offer the most demanding audiophiles.

The first time you see the Phantom II, you might wonder if it really is one of the most technologically advanced audio systems available today. In fact, the unusual appearance of the speaker evokes associations more with sci-fi movies about flying in space than with the source of the sound. The egg-shaped enclosure of the Phantom II is not only an eye-catching design but also a clever technical solution that allows for the most compact placement of all components inside and ensures optimal performance.

With a depth of 219 mm, a width of 157 mm, and a height of 168 mm, Devialet’s Phantom II weighs an impressive 4.3 pounds. Not the lightest wireless speaker, but when you hear it and find out what it’s capable of, you realize that every gram in it is worth it. There is a full-range speaker in the center of the front panel, and bass drivers on the sides. Phantom II’s spherical design and speaker placement provide a listening experience that is hard to expect from such a compact speaker. If you want to enhance that experience, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the stereo sound of two Phantom II speakers in Duo mode. You’re sure to discover your favorite music, movies, and games in a whole new way.

Phantom II is available in three versions – 95 dB SPL (350 Watts), 98 dB (400 Watts), and 98 dB Opéra de Paris | Devialet (400 Watts) (special version with gold leaf side plates). The playback frequency range for all versions is 18 Hz to 21 kHz. These figures are really impressive, as well as the manufacturer’s claims that the performance of the speaker surpasses any previous measurements by a factor of 10 and 1000. In reality, it is difficult to reduce the listening experience to specific numbers, but there is no doubt that the sound quality of the Phantom II at both the lowest and the highest frequencies is worthy of the utmost praise.

Phantom II is the epitome of Devialet’s unique and advanced acoustic expertise. For example, the HBI® Heart Bass Implosion system allows the bass drivers to create ultra-dense sound with the lowest frequencies in the world. The manufacturer has struck a harmonious balance between the naturalness of analog amplification and the compactness of digital amplification with the ADH® Analog Digital Hybrid system. Active Cospherical Engine technology facilitates the formation and uniform propagation of sound waves regardless of the drying angle.

With its compact dimensions, Devialet’s Phantom II has an extensive toolbox of different connection methods. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth module, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, UPnP, Ethernet RJ45 jack, and 3.5mm jack.

Although there are touch buttons on the speaker itself, you can also control it using the mobile Devialet App. By installing the app on your smartphone, you get full remote control of your Phantom II and the ability to install software updates on your device.

The uncompromising approach of the Devialet team to the quality of materials, assembly, and the search for advanced engineering solutions determine the high price of the product, which may discourage some customers. Indeed, this speaker is not designed for the average user. Its buyer is a person who will accept only the best options in both sound level and design of the speaker system.

Devialet products, including the Phantom II wireless speakers and accessories, are available for purchase online and offline at authorized dealers listed on the company’s website. The Phantom II 95 dB is priced at $1200 regardless of color (Iconic White or Matte Black). The Phantom II 98 dB costs $1400 and the Phantom II 98 dB Opéra de Paris costs $1800.

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