Phantom II by Devialet Receives Recognition as Best Wireless Speaker

When you intend to revolutionize your field, modesty proves to be an unnecessary quality. Soberly assessing its potential, the French acoustical engineering company Devialet strives to make the best sound in the world as universal as possible. Its wireless speaker Phantom II is an innovative product that vividly illustrates the outstanding capabilities of modern high-end speakers. The panel of judges at the World Future Awards praised Phantom II’s impressive stylish design in combination with cutting-edge engineering and technological solutions and named it a winner in the category of Best Wireless Speaker.

World Future Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the best products, software, and services that will transform the global economy and define the landscape of the future. The organization researches inventions across all categories, including technology, beauty, health care, food, home, and entertainment, that are making the world better, smarter, or even a bit more fun. As a product that set a new bar for quality and opened up new possibilities for wireless speakers, Devialet’s Phantom II deservedly took its place among the WFA winners.

Phantom II is an ultra-compact wireless speaker with a performance that is tens or thousands of times better than previously known. The unique Analog Digital Hybrid technology developed by Devialet and implemented in Phantom II provides all the benefits of analog and digital amplification, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled sound clarity and transparency. The Heart Bass Implosion system helps you achieve the lowest frequencies in the world. With sound heights from 18Hz to 21kHz, the speaker delivers crystal clear sound even at 900 watts. The architecture of the speaker includes two powerful bass drivers, creating an ultra-dense sound that you can not only hear but also feel with your body.

The Phantom II’s futuristic design enhances the device’s high-quality sound experience. The minimalistic, sleek-looking speaker delivers sound and volume that are hard to expect from a device of its size. To keep the listener in control of this powerful sound, Devialet has developed a mobile app available for Android and iOS users. This app allows you to literally set up your desired sound in minutes, conveniently control the volume, and keep track of operating system updates for the speaker.