Neverdark: Bringing Light with Innovative Smart Fireplaces for the Comfort of Your Home

The history of a fireplace is many centuries old, but no matter how much its design and basic functions have changed, it has always remained a symbol of comfort, coziness, and home warmth. Today the fireplace has not lost its relevance, and a warming nook with live fire is still one of the main attributes in houses for sophisticated homeowners. And here, the buyer has a choice: the traditional fireplace with a chimney, which requires installation and harmful emissions, or the innovative fireplace Neverdark. Unlike classic fireplaces, Neverdark’s unique products are designed with the latest smart technology to ensure simplicity, safety, and sustainability for apartments of any type or size.

About Neverdark

Neverdark is a Ukrainian startup founded in 2019 in Kyiv to help people experience the natural feeling of home with a real and safe fire in the fireplace. Since then, the company has been revolutionizing the fireplace market by offering high-quality and easy-to-use products.

The introduction of Neverdark specialists with bioethanol and chimneyless fireplaces opened new perspectives for the industry. Based on these technologies, the team has created a unique product that embodies the advanced achievements in the field of automatic ethanol fireplaces and the needs of real users in terms of convenience, aesthetics, and safety. The verified balance of high technology and competent marketing allowed to bring Neverdark fireplaces to the international market and to offer customers the benefits of smart solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

With its own production line, eliminating work with intermediaries, the Neverdark team is in constant search of non-standard solutions and new ways. And hand-assembly and meticulous quality control guarantee an exceptional experience for users.

Smart Fireplace, Smarter Home

Neverdark automatic fireplaces are based on bioethanol vapor burning technology, the only technology in the world that allows you to install a fireplace with a real fire in any type of apartment. Unlike classic fireplaces, the Neverdark products have no chimneys and do not require complex installation and the use of additional building utilities. To start the fireplace, you just need to plug it in, just like with the usual PnP devices. Subsequent control of the fireplace is carried out via the built-in touch screen or smartphone app, and the device can be easily integrated into a smart home system. The main processes in the fireplace are monitored by electronic sensors, which register the slightest disturbance and ensure its automatic operation and safety.

Smart fireplace technology is an innovative technology that provides a natural fire without direct contact with the fuel, without pressure and heating inside the fireplace. Bioethanol liquid remains cold, and the combustion process is provided directly by its vapors. In this case, the fire of the Neverdark fireplace provides the same feeling as the fire of a classic wood-burning fireplace. It is bright and warm while being absolutely safe for human health and the environment. Thanks to the fact that the burning of bioethanol vapor does not produce harmful emissions, unpleasant odors, smoke, and soot, there is no need to use a chimney.

A mobile app allows you to remotely start the fireplace, adjust the height of the fire, and set a sleep timer. To fill the fireplace with fuel, you only need to insert the hose into the canister, connect it to the fireplace, and press the proper button – Neverdark will draw the required amount of fuel and stop the pump.

Variety and choice

The Neverdark catalog offers solutions for every interior and customer’s vision. There are built-in and freestanding fireplace and thermobox options available. In addition to linear fireplaces, you can choose from models with volumetric fires that use stones and a set of decorative stoneware logs to enhance the feel of a traditional fireplace. Some models are equipped with an external module for easier control and refueling of the fireplace. But with all the variety of fireplaces, Neverdark offers the option of developing individual custom solutions, giving complete freedom to the fantasies and wishes of its customers.

Innovation in the service of comfort

Neverdark is an example of how bold solutions combine tradition, creativity, and high technology, showing the world a unique and innovative product with security and environmental friendliness at the core. Alexander Chetchikov, CEO & Founder of World Future Awards, expressed his opinion on the brand: “I think Neverdark has a brilliant future. The company has already changed the market for fireplaces, and its products can open up new horizons for smart home technology. As a brand that emphasizes simplicity, safety, and sustainability as its core values, Neverdark is extremely relevant and definitely deserves its recognition.”