Our Newest Visionary WFA Board Member: Luis Alberto Pérez-Ettedgui


In the world of marketing, where creativity and strategy converge, one name shines brightly – Luis Alberto Pérez-Ettedgui. With a relentless passion for crafting innovative commercial strategies and fostering highly committed teams, Luis has carved an illustrious path through the dynamic landscape of marketing. His journey showcases true dedication and a remarkable enterprise-wide vision.

Early Beginnings and Education

Born in the heart of London, England, Luis Alberto Pérez-Ettedgui is a unique blend of British and Venezuelan heritage. His multicultural background has played a pivotal role in shaping his global perspective and strategic thinking.

Luis embarked on his academic journey by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science Management Marketing from Del Centro Technological University in 2002. Notably, he graduated Cum Laude and secured the prestigious title of #1 Top of the Class. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science Methods and Procedures (Quality) from the same institution.

To further augment his knowledge and skills, Luis pursued a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance from Carabobo University in 2006. His thirst for learning and professional growth led him to complete a Certification Program in Business Management at IESA in 2011, enhancing his leadership and management acumen.

A Global Perspective

Luis’s commitment to excellence led him to Harvard University in 2013, where he completed a Leadership and Management Program Online in Company, further honing his leadership skills with a global perspective.

Currently residing in Mexico and Argentina, Luis maintains a strong presence in the Latin American market. His proficiency in both English and Spanish enables him to navigate the international business landscape seamlessly.

A Multifaceted Professional Journey

Luis’s professional journey is a tapestry of remarkable achievements and impactful roles:

Awards and Accolades

Luis’s dedication and commitment have not gone unnoticed:

Continuous Learning and Growth

In addition to his academic achievements and professional accomplishments, Luis has consistently invested in expanding his knowledge through various courses. These include Digital Marketing, CRM, ISO-9000, Price Strategy, Service Quality, Knowledge Management, Advertising, Brand Management, Social Marketing, Precision Marketing, and Customer Experience.

Beyond the Boardroom

Outside the world of marketing, Luis is an avid sports enthusiast. His hobbies include wakeboarding, baseball, tennis, and more. These interests reflect his competitive spirit and drive to excel in all aspects of life.


Luis Alberto Pérez-Ettedgui’s journey in the realm of marketing is remarkable, and with a multicultural background, a global perspective, and an impressive track record, he continues to push boundaries and unlock new horizons in commercial strategy. His story is an inspiration to aspiring marketers and WFA is glad to have him join our team as our newest board member.