Immerse: Your Passport to Language Mastery

Immerse, the premier language immersion training platform, has been recognized as the global leader in language education by winning a coveted World Future Awards in the EdTech category, for Best Language Learning Platform in the World.

Founded by Quinn Taber in April 2017, Immerse has transformed the landscape of language education by pioneering immersive language learning in the metaverse in a vibrant and welcoming community. Immerse has emerged as a forerunner in virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and massive multiplayer online (MMOs) foreign language acquisition.

Immerse’s success lies primarily in its unique utilization of VR, AI, and live human interaction to provide immersive, social language learning experiences designed to develop learners’ communication skills and speaking confidence. Immerse is the only language platform that offers live, trainer-led small-group classes, weekly intercultural events, and AI-powered conversation role plays – all within a dynamic virtual world tailored explicitly for foreign language acquisition. Customer testimonials describe Immerse as “the future of language learning” and a “force to be reckoned with” in the education technology landscape.

Immerse breaks down language barriers to human connection which leads to better personalized learning outcomes for individuals as well as superior business outcomes for Immerse’s international business and school partners. The power lies in the democratization of language immersion. Wouldn’t it be great to take a group of learners across the globe to immerse in the target language and culture? Well, now you can use Immerse. Finally, there is an economically viable path to language immersion learning.  Immerse provides unlimited live language immersion classes and AI roleplay practice from the comfort of your home using a desktop computer or a Meta Quest VR headset. This accessibility ensures that language learners from around the world can learn together in a safe, supportive community.

Immerse’s virtual world includes over 40 highly interactive virtual scenes that mimic the real world, designed to provide authentic settings for language learning and practice. From backyard barbecues to meeting rooms to airport terminals, each scene offers a rich, immersive experience that transcends the four walls of a classroom or the boxes on a Zoom call. This contextualized, low-stress language learning environment has resulted in 98.8% of members feeling lower foreign language anxiety (FLA) and improved speaking skills after just two hours of learning in Immerse.

As might be expected, Immerse’s effectiveness is underpinned by rigorous research. Collaborating with researchers from universities worldwide, Immerse continually “battle tests” and develops its platform and pedagogical approach. With over half of Immerse’s instructors holding master’s degrees in language teaching and a substantial portion possessing doctoral degrees, learners are guaranteed an educational experience of the highest caliber.

The impact of Immerse extends far beyond language proficiency, fostering cross-cultural connections and broadening global perspectives. Thousands have already reaped the benefits of Immerse, securing new employment opportunities and forging meaningful friendships across continents. Immerse empowers individuals to transcend linguistic barriers and embrace a world of endless possibilities.

“Thank you, World Future Awards, for this recognition of our commitment to creating effective, enjoyable language immersion experiences for everyone! We are passionate about our innovative language learning platform and believe that we have created a unique space for learners to explore, learn, and progress – a space that certainly is the future of language learning”, says Immerse’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Christian Rowe.

Join us in celebrating a future where language knows no bounds with Immerse. Visit to learn more.