Certainty Software Named Top Enterprise Solution of 2024

Certainty Software has been selected as the winner of a respected World Future Awards for Best Enterprise Software Solution in 2024. Certainty has made an outstanding contribution to revolutionizing audit and inspection management across industries worldwide.

Certainty Software stands at the forefront of enterprise-level audit and inspection management platforms, simplifying the collection and reporting of critical data while effectively managing identified issues. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of professionals to conduct millions of audits and inspections annually, Certainty empowers companies globally to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and enhance performance.

“At Certainty, we are dedicated to empowering businesses not only to excel in operational performance but also to make a profound impact on the environment and society,” says Hewitt Roberts, CEO of Certainty Software.

Certainty Software facilitates various crucial functions, including safety inspections, quality assurance audits, supply chain compliance assessments, and ESG assessments. Its innovative features enable enterprises to effortlessly gather data from any location, generate real-time performance metrics, access tailored reports, and effectively manage issues and non-conformances.

“Innovation lies at the core of Certainty Software’s mission. Our platform provides businesses with actionable insights that drive positive changes in sustainability, quality, and safety across diverse markets,” adds Hewitt Roberts.

Certainty’s prioritizing of quality ensures that clients can make informed decisions, manage risks effectively, and drive responsible and sustainable operations. Its intuitive mobile app allows inspectors to capture real-time data seamlessly, while standardized forms and real-time reporting streamline compliance efforts and mitigate risks promptly.

Certainty Software’s impact extends beyond operational efficiency, playing a vital role in assessing and enhancing Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance. By evaluating factors such as emissions, energy consumption, human rights, and product safety, Certainty Software empowers businesses to make sustainable decisions and drive positive outcomes for society and the environment.

Experience the transformative power of Certainty Software and join the ranks of global leaders in operational excellence and sustainability. Visit www.certaintysoftware.com for more.