Pivotal Takes Flight: Wins 2024 WFA for Best Advanced eVTOL Solution

Pivotal, based in Palo Alto, California, is a pioneering company in the eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) industry. Renowned for its aircraft that are as intuitive to fly as they are powerful, Pivotal was awarded the 2024 World Future Awards in the Aerospace category for Best Advanced eVTOL Solution.

Pivotal revolutionizes personal aerial mobility by designing, developing, and manufacturing feature-rich light eVTOL aircraft. With their ability to take off and land in scenic locales, these innovative single-seat vehicles are for individual owners eager to explore the world from breathtaking new heights.  

Today, Pivotal stands at the forefront of the light eVTOL industry with the most mature technology in the market. With more than a decade of design and development, over 6 years of human flight history, dozens of trained pilots – including customers – and tens of thousands of miles flown, Pivotal is a true leader in light eVTOL aviation.

Safety is the cornerstone of Pivotal’s ethos. Safety is embedded in the redundancy and fault tolerance throughout the aircraft and across development, testing, manufacturing, training, flight monitoring, and customer support. Through a fusion of innovation and data-driven insights, Pivotal ensures the utmost safety and peace of mind for all pilots. Additionally, every Pivotal eVTOL is equipped with a whole-aircraft ballistic parachute system.

Pivotal first captured the public’s imagination with the BlackFly, the pioneering eVTOL aircraft that made history as the first of its kind to be sold and delivered to an individual in the United States. Unveiled in 2018, the BlackFly has since wowed hundreds of thousands of spectators with its vertical takeoff, skyward flight, hovering capabilities, and precise vertical landings.

Building on the success of the BlackFly, Pivotal announced the Helix, its first production aircraft, in October 2023. Sales opened in January 2024, and the Helix has quickly garnered attention for its elegant, intelligent simplicity. The intuitive flight deck features right- and left-handed joysticks and a state-of-the-art touchpad display. Each element is meticulously designed to ensure effortless control and comfort throughout the journey. Automated features like landing assist increase the ease of operation of these cloud-connected vehicles.

Ken Karklin, CEO, commented: “Thank you to World Future Awards for this wonderful recognition. Pioneering the future of aerial mobility and personal aviation is exciting and a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. It is an honor to be acknowledged for our accomplishments and industry impact.”

Pivotal continues to lead the way in the eVTOL industry, setting new standards for innovation, safety, and adventure in the skies. Visit https://pivotal.aero/ to learn more.