Traydstream Triumphs: Award-Winning AI Revolutionizes Trade Finance

Traydstream is a leading provider of AI-driven trade finance solutions, offering a cloud-based platform that digitizes and automates trade finance operations. Founded in 2017, Traydstream leverages proprietary OCR technology to streamline document processing, compliance checks, and risk management for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Traydstream’s innovative solutions empower clients with efficiency, transparency, and scalability in trade finance processes, driving digital transformation and delivering tangible value to the industry.

The pioneering company has been selected as a World Future Awards winner in the Artificial Intelligence category for Best AI-driven Trade Finance Services.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the World Future Awards,” said Sameer Sehgal, CEO of Traydstream. “This award showcases our relentless pursuit of innovation and our dedication to empowering financial institutions and corporations with advanced AI-driven solutions.”

Traydstream’s innovative solutions bring significant value to the trade finance ecosystem via efficiency, cost saving, risk mitigation, compliance, scalability, and transparency.

Traydstream’s proprietary OCR technology conducts over 400,000 trade and compliance checks, drastically reducing checking time from 4 hours to under 30 minutes. This innovation has been pivotal in accelerating digital transformation initiatives within the trade finance industry, driving efficiency, transparency, and security across the sector.

“This WFA recognition is paramount to Traydstream for several reasons,” added Sehgal. “It validates our expertise, enhances our reputation, differentiates us in the market, instills confidence among clients, boosts employee morale, and underscores our commitment to innovation and impact.”

Recent accolades include the International Business Magazine Awards 2024 for Most Innovative Technology Company UK and Best Trade Finance Technology Firm UK 2024, further solidifying Traydstream’s position as a leader in the field.

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